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  • tomtom7 - Beware of "natural" products

    You almost get what you deserve when you try these products. All of these TV advertised "natural" products for energy, weight loss, erectile dysfunction are all fake. Unfortunately, once you put "all natural" or "homeopathic" or "herbal" on a product, all bets are off. The FDA has no jurisdiction on what goes into the product or even if the dosage in all the pills are the same. They literally can put anything in these pills and make any claim they want, including pepper, salt, worthless herbs, etc. All these things are scams. They never do controlled scientific experimentation and when they are done...most "natural" remedies don't have data that support their claims. It's a company that is trying to make a fast buck (and I mean millions) before the public gets wise to it.

  • Amazon Customer - Better than the O.Henry/PEN collection this year

    I found these stories moving and haunting, the type of stories you roll around in your brain the next day, pondering the outcomes. This collection was so particularly good I'm using as a text in my advanced fiction writing course.


    As every dodge owner knows, its only a matter of time until the original light stops working. Or in my case, just falls apart from corrosion. This part is a perfect replacement for my 98 1500

  • Jay Wells - Very Useful/

    This is a well written and very useful book. When I bought Outlook 2010 I did not expect an email client to be so complicated and probably would not have bought it if I had known I would need a book to figure out how to use it. I had bought another book on the same subject, published by Microsoft, that lacked details and was poorly organized. This book is much better than Microsoft's version.