Premier Physical Therapy (formerly known as Redmond Physical Therapy) - Premier Physical Therapy are located in Kirkland and Redmond serving the Greater Seattle area.

  • New Patient Information - Get all the information you need for your visit to Premier Physical Therapy. We have two locations in Kirkland and Redmond.

    Country:, North America, US

    City: -119.688 Oregon, United States

  • John L. - The order went without a hitch. T he product ...

    The order went without a hitch. T he product had to be applied twice, but the instructions said two applications might be necessary. It works. JohnL

  • stevenpb967 - Science

    A great magazine to read and study with a good variety of subject fields but a little too heavy on the green agenda. For the most part very intriguing

  • Sharon Morrissette - I love them :)

    These are so nice. I'm so happy I was able to try these out. They work great. It is so dark where I live and the driveway is long as well, so any street light don't help me at all. I put some a long the side of the driveway and a few in front of the house for decoration and to light up the house at night a little. This makes our house more noticable and easier to see at night where you are walking. I love them. They shipped really fast and they were packaged nicely as well. Awesome!! Very nice quality as well.

  • Bing Zhu - This is good software for the musicians

    This is good software for the musicians. It has the main functionalities of the ,music editor and easy to use. I like it.

  • inspector gadget - Mr number works

    I've had mr. number for about a year and it works absolutely flawless don't hesitate it blocks spam and unwanted calls.

  • Tony - I got one good Clone Disk and now the software won't start!

    Be wary of this program, and particularly its non-existent support. I downloaded and installed the program with no problem. Made a clone disk and all seemed to go well. Two weeks later I attempted to make another clone disk, and the program wouldn't even start up. I wrote for support and of course my mail took 2 days for anyone to answer a simple question, and forget about follow up or talking to anyone live. Unless you have a month to message them, with two days in between each post, you'll never get any help from them. I googled acronis and the startup problem and found that this is a widespread problem with seemingly no solution. Wanting to try everything, I uninstalled the program and reinstalled and as I had been told by others, the problem was still there. So after spending all this money on this thing, and getting one good backup (no I didn't install anything else that might conflict), the software is useless. As was any attempt to get my money back. So purchase this at your own risk, it is not a well designed piece of software and it will cause you more headaches than it will ever be worth. They did send an upgrade, that didn't do anything but slow my computer down, and it still won't load.

  • MTB fan - With a great deal of effort

    Although I didn't buy it here, I have one. It fails to work well for the problems others have listed and for some other reasons: