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  • Deanna R. Miller - This is very disappointing!

    This was one of two software selections that I bought my mother for her birthday. There is a known problem with the program yet it continues to be distributed and sold. You cannot load the fonts on the long version or the short version. Broderbund is aware of this problem and has done absolutely nothing to make it right. Amazon, shame on you for selling this.

  • Jen T. - LOVE THIS!!!

    We love this stroller! It is super lightweight and easy to maneuver. I'm beyond happy with it. The reviews say the straps are hard to adjust etc. but I have no trouble at all. The basket underneath the stroller isn't very large but there is a zip compartment under the handle bar that offers more storage. My only complaint is that the wheels are plastic so we'll see how they hold up. The canopy is awesome. It gives a lot of coverage which is great because my daughter does not like the sun in her eyes. I highly recommend this product.

  • Amazon Customer - Can't live without it

    I use this product every day. I have fine, thin hair that tangles easily. I keep it permed and if I didn't use this product every day I would not be able to get a comb or pick through my hair. I have used this product for many years and have never been disappointed.

  • WordsWorth - A Solid First Entry

    1st book in the series. Careful world building and descriptions are vivid enough to put you in the setting without bogging you down in superfluous writing. Entertaining and the suspense is slow, but steady building. This I would be tempted to recommend to my father, who doesn't like fantasy, but enjoys military books.

  • Patty in Portland - Have waited a long time to find PTR shampoo

    I have loved this shampoo for years and ask for extras every time we stay in a Hilton Hotel. Now at last I have found it online, will be back for more.

  • Woods - Great stuff

    Always good. Always does what it should. I remember my mom getting this exact same product from "The Watkins Lady" (who went door-to-door back then) over 40 years ago. It has always been great for cold symptoms, scratches, scrapes, and you name it. (If I say too much more, I'll sound like the old medicine man hawker from 100 years ago. But it is good stuff!)