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  • Miguel Gonzalez A - It captures every movement with great detail.

    My little brother and his friends use this digital video camera to record their Parkour traces, it’s really great they tape every time they meet and watch afterwards all the movements trying to study to make them better and improve their skills, the cam is really awesome thanks to the 720p HD digital video recording they can take each and every movement with great detail and if they need they can also take pictures, sometimes I go and help them taking the cam to record and I love all the functions and features on this it’s a pretty cool cam.

  • Bradley D Beal - Great place to buy Weathertech!!!!

    At first we recieved the mats within 3 days of my order. The rear mats were fine however, the front mats did not fit properly. I contacted the seller who immediately sent me a tracking number to return the mats to their warehouse. I sent the mats back and within 2 days the replacements arrived and were in perfect condition...and fit perfectly. I would encourage anyone to pull the trigger on getting these mats for any car...they are incredible!

  • Laura O'Connor - I have been using this ...

    I have been using this product for about 4 years now. It's terrific as a treatment for constipation. I don't get any of the cramping usually associated with products such as this and it cleanses the system beautifully. I like that it's all-natural, too. Super product!

  • Blackwolf - Just as nice as last two box sets, but no Bluray/DVD audio

    I thoroughly enjoyed the last two Immersion sets, particularly the 5.1 mixes. For some reason, this set didn't include a 5.1 mix. Only a single unimpressive DVD disc containing a couple of music videos and a short documentary. On the plus side, the 2011 remastered discs sound excellent. I haven't listened to the live discs yet. Discs 5 and 6 contains compelling demos, listening to them gives a completely different perspective of the album.

  • Stephen S Hill - They installed easily and look just like the OEMs

    They installed easily and look just like the OEMs. I have 3 complaints but they are common to the OEM model as well. First: The bars end up too close together to safely hold anything long, (Like a canoe). Second: They have no opening or anchor so that anything tied on can be prevented from drifting left or right, (I will be modifying to correct this). Third: They are really shorter than what I need, (A canoe and a kayak).