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  • Janet - In the US but not for my region ?

    I installed this and then was unable to activate. I had to contact MSFT and the tech determined I would have to call MSFT.

  • Frank Appraisal - Leading Edge Technology - purchased several as gifts

    Cozmo mesmerized the gift recipients! This robot will unquestionably become a staple in schools, colleges, and engineering classes as a tool to teach programming and robotics. Ideal for young children (3 and up) under adult supervision and programmers who want to experiment with Anki's SDK using the Python or other languages. High volume data communications between Cozmo and the linked-up smart device (smart phone, tablet, etc.) necessitates the Wi-Fi connection, rather than the slower Bluetooth connection. As is also typical with any Real Live Pet, some adults may eventually loose interest in the robot...but future software upgrades promise new features.

  • tulipsonfires - THE BEST instant mashed potatoes!

    You're not going to believe me, but I just looked at my receipt, I paid $9.99 at Costco on 4/19/12 for this same 14 package box. We LOVE these mashed potatoes. This is the first time we've bought them, and providing Costco continues to sell them, they will be a staple in our pantry. They are very easy to make, no mess like when you make them from the big ole box. The package says it has 8 servings, we have a family of 4 and each of us has a hefty serving (or 2...) with some leftover. MUST TRY!

  • T. Spencer - Red by Kiss Universal Detangler Styling Pik

    I'm loving this pik attachment. Straightened my 4b4c natural hair perfectly. I have an old Helen Of Troy blowdryer from Sally's that I use and the pik pops off all the time which is frustrating. Bought a universal pik from Sally's not sure what brand might have been Gold N' Hot and it slides right of the nozzle ugh!!. Came across this pick by Red, Red being a pretty popular brand in blow dryer though I didn't want to buy a whole new dryer decided to try this pik. Fits perfect I like the fact that it slides on easy and it goes down further onto the nozzle almost touching the base of the dryer. The combs are sturdy and not flimsy so I'm expecting to use this for a while. It has rubber pieces on the inside that helps keep it from sliding off. Great buy.

  • LiquidD - Awesome for the size. Only 4" Tall

    I couldn't tell until it arrived but it is only four inches tall! The ad didn't show just how small it is. I actually used rubber cement to secure mine as I am sure it would be stolen within a week. It function's well for its size. Don't expect the same range as the factory 2 ft antenna