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  • S. R. Leib - Good overview

    The Fiske Guide provides the inside scoop on top colleges in an engaging style. However, the format is not as easy to digest as the Princeton Review's college guide book.

  • Karen Ersek - Did not include State

    I have been using H&R Block/Tax Cut for years. I know the deluxe version comes with a State. After reading the product description on Amazon, State is listed on the box you are shown but no where did I see it say it wasn't included. Stupid me! I just had to pay an additional $39.95 to H&R Block for the State. Next time I will buy directly from H&R Block & skip Amazon!

  • Queen Bean - No Improvement

    Maybe haven't used long enough but no improvement in nail condition. Hair is the same as before use.

  • Kerns Family - Easy Squeezy!

    I ordered the Unique Pepper/Salt Mill With Adjustable Ceramic Grinder Mechanism By Kitch Elegance for my kitchen. I really like freshly ground black pepper in my kitchen. This grinder is very nice! Once filled, you simply squeeze the handle like side and it grinds! No more twisting with one hand while holding the bottle with your other! It is a little loud while grinding which doesn't bother me at all personally. The Unique Pepper/Salt Mill With Adjustable Ceramic Grinder Mechanism By Kitch Elegance works just as you would expect! I'm excited to purchase another for sea salt!

  • Andrew - Great albums have profound messages

    Not since the Clash's Sandinista have we seen such a disquietingly provocative double album. Great albums have profound messages. Transcendent albums re-order both our dreams and the language we use to fabricate them. Cory Feldman's "Angelic 2 the Core" is the latter. Way, way latter. In Ascension Millennium, the album's opening track and manifesto Feldman talks of giving toys to his soul, boldly implying that the spirituality trap is an even a bigger illusion than God ever was. The tone for the next 68 minutes of your life has been set: no one in getting out of here with any consolation for his shame. By track number six, "Bad People" Feldman uses logic to obliterate the concept of mercy. Much has been made of Feldman's voice. How it is to Michael Jackson both paean and blood libel, homage and homicide. But that is a distraction. Feldman's a death crooner not a soul singer. In his pipes there is pre-sleep apnea Leonard Cohen soprano with hints of Geddy Lee and notes of Vince Neil. And that voice belongs to a sadist for whom all he touches turns not to gold but weapons. A murderer is defined as someone who takes from you everything you ever had and everything you ever will. But what do you call someone who does all that and leaves your breathing? You call him Cory.

  • any mouse - The stretchy goodness of ArthriD3

    I love arthri D3 cause among many other wonderful health benefits, arthri D3 gave me my stretches back. Everytime i yawn and stretch i am greatfull to arthri D3. Unfortunately when i stop taking ArthriD3 i can't stretch completely anymore. I wish ArthriD3 was more affordable, because i can't afford it next month. My stretches will last about a week after i run out but after that i will have to live without completed stretches. i'll be able to start to stretch but then my back cramps up so i can't finish my stretch. So far i've only gone without ArthriD3 for a week. When my last bottle runs out , i'll be worried and sad without ArthrD3. I also love complexin because it controlls my bladder issues.