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    City: -84.636 Michigan, United States

  • Lynn R - Excellent Diffuser

    This is my first diffuser made by Coslla. (I have others made by other companies) So far I am impressed not only with the quality, but also with the beautiful, yet different, design. Pros: BPA free, large capacity (runs up to10 hrs), auto shut off, adjustable light, it's cool mist, comes with a measuring cup and it's quiet. Cons: does not have intermittent mist and it's a bit on the pricey side but overall still worth it. I would buy again. Highly recommend.

  • R. Leabo - It's great if you don't mind a little self-loathing afterwards...

    Far-fetched? YES. Terrible acting? You betcha! Could one man really defy death at the last possible second 50 times in real life? Hell no! But the story in interesting enough, and the visuals are pretty outstanding. It's a typical big budget end of the world flick that only really suffers from John Cusak. Did you really expect an Oscar-ridden movie?

  • polecat - Super-comfortable, pretty, and shapely

    Love, love this bra! I'm a tall woman with a 36(more like 35)A chest, who's had a terrible time finding any bras that fit, and this bra is the holy grail for me. I wear the 34B (using the last set of closure hooks) in this one. It has just enough contouring and lift and has long enough straps that don't slip. It hugs my bust and enhances my size subtly, with enough coverage so that it doesn't show through fitted T shirts and sweaters. And no scratching or chafing whatsoever! No tags, and the materials are all very soft to my sensitive skin including the lace which adds a nice femme detail. I also like the strap adjustment is in the back, not front, so there's not plastic hardware showing through tight shirts. Totally happy they came out with this one!

  • Donna G. - Very disappointed!!

    Bought these for my 4 year old grandson and they did not hold up well at all. Velcro gave out and then the vinyl on the sides peeled off. Very disappointed!!

  • B. Knisely - pretty good

    "swish a little through, and it looks like new"... yeah, i'm gonna go with no on that one! that's the quote that they use in the commercial to demonstrate how easy it is to clean out a coffee pot (although "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is"). i actually had to scrub at mine for quite a while to get results... but i still got really good results, and that's what counts! i also used this on some rusty tools, and they look great now (i don't know if like knew, cause i haven't seem them like this for a while). ya gotta scrub to get the right results with this stuff. oh, and it didn't seem to help with my shower head, so i dinged it a star!

  • Patricia George - Why I choose Tylenol Arthritis!!

    I suffer from multiple joint and muscle pain secondary to CP and Tylenol Arthritis works well in control my pain/discomfort. This product is effective and long lasting. I've always trusted and used Tylenol products.