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  • Karie D - This is a wonderful Christmas book from Debbie Macomber

    This is a wonderful Christmas book from Debbie Macomber! I am never disappointed with her writing. Twelve Days of Christmas has a genuine message in the story. Her characters are relatable and make you feel a part of the book. Certainly recommend this to anyone looking for a great read. I received this book courtesy of Netgalley 5/5

  • Lynnjo - Pleasantly surprised and so happy I gave it a try. Works good, easy to use.

    This white N' bright really works. I have yellowish teeth from medication I was taking, and of course coffee, but at get a couple uses I have noticed a difference, and others have too!. I was really skeptical about purchasing it, just because a lot of stuff on the market just don't do anything. This seemed hard to do, and seemed to take a while according to the directions on its description, but it's not. It is really pretty simple. And doesn't take long at all, once water is boiled and you will the trays, it takes 15 minutes. Who doesn't have that long to get beautiful white teeth?? I was really amazed. I have used it every other day this past week and am happy with the results. I also didn't have any sensitivity to it at all. Give it a chance, you just may be happy you did, I was. I received this kit at no charge for trying it out and then giving my own honest, unbiased written review.

  • Amazon Customer - Hides embarrassing bald spots!

    I have been using Toppik for a few years and it works wonders. I am a female with thinning hair on the top and using this really does cover the thinning spots, it's a blessing. One word of advice, be very cautious when using it around the front hairline, make sure it's firmly in place and use a good hairspray to secure. More than once, I have gone out and discovered that it has fallen on to my forehead and it looks like I have dirt there! Other than that, it's a wonderful product.

  • sophiah - 1 hour project takes 1 day+

    I pay monthly for this product and it is terrible. To select an item can take up so much time and then if I try to move an item it is so painfully slow. I have been using Publisher to try and create professional products for my business but it is not impossible. I wouldn't bother purchasing this product until Microsoft create a new version or fix this one.

  • Tim Burson - Automatic Renewal is a Scam!

    Software does a good job with frequent updates. The Automatic Renewal cannot be cancelled by the user and the renewal price is 2-3 times the price of the same and similar products. It took a 20 minute chat, 10 emails, and 2 weeks to get Bitdefender to cancel Automatic Renewal. The chat agent was almost useless.

  • Kristin H. - Evelyn conquers fantasy and reality, born as new woman!

    Evelyn led a dull " packaged and prescribed" life as the wife of a clinical psychiatrist husband - until one night her world changed because of the actions of her spouse, Gary. Feigning innocence for a fatal traffic, Gary blames the accident on the female patient, with whom he'd been having an afar for six months. Evelyn decides to meet the other woman's husband and tell him of the antics in which his wife was involved. Hubby Gary fabricated the evening of the deadly accident, getting the truth skewed to his advantage. While all that is finally coming about, Evelyn develops-quite innocently - a brief but torrid affair with Noel (other hubby) but she comes to realise that affair won't work and she pursues her career in art... after she makes her ex husband turn himself in for the fatality of the teenage girl. This story takes you through the metamorphosis of an unsatisfied mother to a creative woman of hope! This story instills hope into a life so beaten down by autonomic habits, evincing that the brilliant butterfly CAN emerge from a cacoon- even at 40!