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  • What Does It Take To Coordinate Patient Care? | Scope Blog - As a clinical student, I’ve been a part of dozens of outpatient clinic visits, but several days ago, I witnessed a clinic visit much unlike the others. For
  • American India Foundation Symposium Addresses Maternal And Newborn Health In India | Scope Blog - As long-awaited rain streamed down outside, several hundred physicians, entrepreneurs and philanthropists gathered inside the medical school's Li Ka Shing
  • Exploring How Physicians Can Handle Discrimination By Patients | Scope Blog - Katherine Hill, MD, a Stanford clinical instructor of pediatrics, was an intern on rotation in the ER when the father of a little boy asked her a question: “I
  • Biochemist Peter Kim Weighs In On The Ambitious Goals Of The Biohub | Scope Blog - About a month ago I wrote about a new collaboration between three Bay Area universities called the Biohub. It was the first science investment by the Chan
  • Discussing Cancer: Online Course Offers Tips To Tackle Tough Conversations | Scope Blog - Have you tried to talk to a friend or family member about cancer? It's not easy. You might have blurted out something offensive, offered advice you weren't
  • Millions Of Children Live In High-mortality Hotspots Across Sub-Saharan Africa | Scope Blog - The good news is that deaths of children under 5 have fallen from nearly 12 million a year in 1990 to fewer than six million last year. The bad news,
  • Is Pain In The Brain? A Pain Psychologist Discusses Alternative To Opioids | Scope Blog -   A few years ago, I began experiencing significant pain. It emanated from my rotator cuff and spiraled down my right arm. It was sharp, persistent and
  • Medical Students, Suicides And Mental Health | Scope Blog -   Last spring, while a medical student at Harvard, Ned Morris wrote a column for the Washington Post that asked, "If health-care providers can't overcome
  • A Game Changer For The Treatment Of Depression? | Scope Blog - Stanford neuroscientist Leanne Williams, PhD, started out in the clinic. She expected her professional life would be that of a psychotherapist treating patients

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    Love the taste and nutritional value. My only complaint is that some of the protein always sticks to the side of a cup when mixing. I definitely recommend this product!

  • Cherry Fischer - Awesome gun!

    This gun is amazing!! It fires just as far as the larger Nerf guns, and its a lot smaller! I'm very happy with this gun. Although it only holds 3 darts, you can reload as fast as you can stick them in. Most nerf guns have a higher capacity but take a magazine, which takes at least 10 seconds to reload. I like this because I feel I can reload faster than the automatic ones. My hubby and kids have an all out war in my living room and kitchen with this gun. They absolutely love it. I highly recommend it. It is better than all those expensive ones. Buy it you won't regret it!

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    External and internal tearing of "product" packaging. Box it was shipped in was fine oddly enough. Fortunately the loot was completely fine. Satisfied.

  • Ed Helder - Good value

    Real value for the money. It does not have a trimmer but otherwise works fine. It is not a heavy duty but makes a nice backup.

  • Duane A. Priest - The best headset I've found to date.

    I've used a lot of headsets over the years, and I've constantly dealt with complaints about background noise, the inability to hear me speaking, or my own inability to hear others on a call. I've always felt that Plantronics headsets were among the best on the market for desktop telephony, and hoped that quality would carry forward to the Bluetooth marketplace. I'm happy to report that I was right.

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