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  • Bruce W. - Its Like a Time Machine

    This software has saved my bacon on so many occasions. It is wonderful for "event driven" backup imaging, specifically prior to the installation of new software. It allows you to test the software and, if it does not work as expected or interferes with existing software, you can reformat your disk and restore it to the exact state prior to when you started.

  • thezarre - Did the trick!

    Bought this for my daughter as she HAD halitosis was very noticeable. I'd never heard of tonsil stones before, as I don't have tonsils, but she did and they were there. A few treatments with this and they were gone and so was her halitosis. I used it as well and it worked well for keeping my breath fresh throughout the day. This will be on our regular shopping list from now on.

  • Ashish Nayak - Classic!

    I was very skeptical about the authenticity of this glass. However, I think that this is original ray ban based on the video I watched on you tube

  • Good Stuff - All in all a pretty good product.

    I've been with Webroot since around 2006 when I got the lightweight antivirus product. Worked great for years until did the conversion to the forced Secure AnyWhere software. While I had initial issues, once I got past the usual installation crapola, it has been working fine and protecting as well as it used to. I recommend it and plan on staying until they irritate me with some other conversion that doesn't work so well and then it's off to something else just like how I chose them in the first place back around 2006 when my other antivirus was causing more problems than it was worth. Hope to be on this for many more years so we'll see.

  • Clyde Harden - Worked great started with 1 a day for 1st week then ...

    Worked great started with 1 a day for 1st week then went to 2 a day after gave me good energy without the shakes no crash later on in the day using for almost a month now lost about 10 - 12 lbs so far

  • big art - Opinion backed by fact. Well written and very readable ...

    Opinion backed by fact. Well written and very readable. It makes one (white) re-examine where each of us ended up, and gives a unvarnished view of what's going on in both the upper and lower class in America. It's definitely a thinking persons book. You'll see yourself no matter what "class" you're from.

  • Relisears - Does not Work

    I can't believe I fell for this! Hooked it up, scanned for my over the air channels, and nothing. Shame on anyone (including myself) who spends money for this garbage.