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  • M. Raynor - Awesome!

    We love this bike for our 4 year old son. He is 43 inches tall and great for him. He really loves this bike, would buy again! Well made!

  • PDX mom - Easy to apply

    Pleasant scent. Easy to apply, not thick like other diaper creams. I will definitely continue to use this product.

  • SVanDee - Mac version can't validate the backup data

    The Mac version of this software is nowhere near comparable to the PC version. If you're planning to use this on a Mac, try it out under the 30 day trial period before you buy it.

  • Cadman808 - Save $$ upgrade to Autocad 2012 using rebate

    If you plan to upgrade to Autocad 2012, take advantage of rebate program. Installing Autocad 2012 on my HP laptop was quick and easy. Once loaded, Autocad LT 2012 has new look from Autocad LT 2008, and takes awhile to getting use to new toolbar buttons and location. If you have been using Autocad for a few years, the learning curve is fast. Like all new Autocad versions, all drawings are compatible with dwg file format. I would not have upgraded to Autocad 2012, but, my new HP laptop O/S is Windows 7, 64-bit and using AutoDesk's rebate to purchase new software was an offer to good to past up.

  • Jennifer Douglas - not sure how helpful it is since soft toss is pretty easy to handle without a machine

    does what it says it does. not sure how helpful it is since soft toss is pretty easy to handle without a machine. too cold to use it much

  • LeeS - But I'd imagine it works better on others

    takes a long while - almost an hour and a half - before I feel any numbing and even then it's not long lasting. I get maybe 15-30minutes of enough numbing to do any work, I still feel everything though. Might just be my skin too - it's kinda hard to numb even when I get injections from the doctor. But I'd imagine it works better on others, knowing how my skin is hard to do anything to.

  • fremont - Baby Blue is classic

    Baby Blue was the final song played at the end of the final episode of Breaking Bad. In that particular context, it was beautiful, very moving - both the lyrics and melody.