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  • ckostjr - How to Tell if Your Yeti is Real

    Watch this item. After trying three times, I received three counterfeit tumblers from China, regardless of where the seller says the item is. (Two were in Georgia, one in Colorado.) The items all had the same serial number on the bottom. The easiest way to tell if your is genuine, is to (1.) look at the serial number at the bottom - it should be etched in dark and crystal clear text (not blurred) and (2.) run your fingernail over the YETI imprint on the side of the tumbler. On a real YETI, your fingernail will not catch the edges of the letters, but on a fake one, your nail will stop at the edges. Good luck. I gave up and purchased mine at REI.

  • Mr. J - These are fine for the price.

    After buying the clips that are sold separately (you have to buy these!!!) and removing the old guards, these fit pretty well. They are harder plastic and I think I missed one of the clip connection points and they only have 3 clip holes versus the factory 4. I didn't bother drilling another hole and know that the 3 screws are plenty to hold them (plus some of the clips for extra snug fit).

  • valerie diaz - Plain Bad.

    UGH. Was going to order chalk, but saw this and wanted to avoid chalk residue. This stuff left a film on my sons hands and did not help with grip when film was rubbed off. The liquid is messy to use. Turned out to be a complete waste. I don't recommend.

  • Jay Bugden - Great starter system

    I am just starting to learn the guitar and am progressing at a good rate! I find the programmed method very helpful. The guitar is better than I expected and I would recommend this to anyone who wants to learn the guitar!,

  • Sarah B - Pepper mill, no twisting required

    My husband has poor range of motion in both wrists due to old injuries, so I'm always on the lookout for kitchen items that don't involve twisting actions to use (like a standard pepper mill). This has been great. There's nothing like freshly ground pepper to add interest to a meal. This holds a good amount of peppercorn and it is very easy to dispense. This would make a great house-warming or holiday gift. I received this product at a discount but I am under no obligation to write a review. The choice was purely my own and I received ZERO compensation.

  • Traveler - Not bad.

    These garden solar lights are made of plastic with clear top plastic window for the solar light to shine. The pole and stakes are made of plastic. So be careful when stabbing into the ground to make sure it is soft. If inserted into hard grounds they may break.

  • Amador Omar Torres Dominguez - Great shoes if you know what you are buying

    First, I'd like to said I have put under 1000 miles of commuting, mtb and a few races with this shoes. The most important characteristic of this shoes is durability, I have treated them with no mercy, water, mud, sand, rocks and they have withstand all of them while remaining almost as new. Even though this is marketed toward a commuting shoe I have found it does well as an all rounder. It's not the most comfortable shoe as other reviewers have pointed out, the sole is not very rigid, but rigid enough for clipless pedals. One minor thing is the aesthetics are not the best and they do not seem to be very fashionable. Bottom line I would recommend them for those looking for their first clipless shoe that still want some flexibility to walk on them or perform mtb trips.