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  • Gregdell - Great Find

    Took this snorkeling in St. Croix recently and it worked great. As with bag of this type, it's not recommending for diving. As long as I stayed on the top of the water, I felt safe with it. I wouldn't dive down greater than a couple of feet with it, it's just not designed or rated for that. When we had it on the beach, my phone would get hot trapped in the bag, but that was expected. If you need a dry bag for your phone, this one works great and the build looks quality and not cheap. I made the mistake of tossing the strap thinking I'd just put in my zippered pocket, but the strap would have turned out to be useful.

  • Kathi Linz - End Times Information

    Christians are, in the main, lacking in information about how the world is speeding towards the events foretold for the End Times. This book is a bit rough to read as it talks about "fearful" things. But it would be wise for Christians to become informed so they will not be deceived or taken unawares.

  • F. S. - I had a TERRIBLE flea problem

    I would give this product more stars if there were any more to give. I had a TERRIBLE flea problem. Tried all kinds of things. It was basically ruining my life. Nobody would come to visit me. I didn't even want to visit me. Dog was miserable. Then I remembered using this years ago and found it at Amazon. Got it. Spread it around (very easy). A week later....not a single flea and they've never come back. This stuff is a miracle in a bottle.

  • ekoppp - Great car seat: comfortable, well made, baby loves it, and looks great

    Great car seat. Bought this for our 1 year old and he loves it. He seems extremely comfortable in it, he takes longer naps in the car than he ever has before, and the seat itself is great looking and seems very well made / safe.

  • 7709 - Can you say MAGIC IN A JAR?

    It works miraculously on all kinds of pain. It is great for arthritis and back, muscle and any kind of pain. I've used it for years and always try to have a supply handy.

  • Dasoulink - NBA 2K series is a excellent sports basketball simulation

    NBA 2K series is a excellent sports basketball simulation. The 2k17 version continues the tradition upon which the game is built. The thing that sets it apart this year? Well the HDR experience is outstanding in itself but the way which the game seems to adapt to your play style is amazing.