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  • Lynne Mabie - Awesome wat to get rid of blackheads

    I receive the Dermatique 5- Piece Blackhead Remover kit in a timely manner. It was securely package. It came in a black zipper case with plastic wrapped. When you open the case you will see 5 different size tools inside the case. Each tool is secure inside.. Each tool has a tool on each end. This makes 10 tools in all. The tool are made of surgical steel. Before using the tools make sure they are sterile. Also make sure your face is cleaned. The tools are very easy to use. Take the tool that matches the size of the blackhead. Put tool on top of blackhead and apply pressure. Blackhead should pop. If it doesn't I would stop. If you go to hard you will leave marks on your face. Never use your fingers or nails on your face to squeeze. This will cause infection and scaring of the face. The kit is very compact making it very easy to take with you on the go. I receive this product for free or at a discount price in exchange for a honest review.

  • Erock - Amazing, but not flawless. I still sincerely love the bike though.

    Great road bike! I was hesitant to buy this bike, simply because buying bikes online are generally not as preferable as buying them at a local bike store. Anyways, had it assembled right away and was a sweet ride. I quickly switched out the 23c tires to 25c, which is the biggest that would fit on the 48cm frame I bought. Added a rack to the back, and now it's a great commuter for me.

  • Amazon Customer - Love these frames

    Super fast shipping! I am very impressed with these frames. It is good to know that the outside is more of a matte black and the inside is shiny. Thankfully for me, I don't mind the matte black!

  • just an ordinary consumer - Magic

    This stuff must be magic. Seriously, within one day of using it my feet were less dry and cracked. Used it for a week straight and my feet are like a baby's newborn skin. No hyperbole here. I am usually a fanatic when it comes to putting non-organic or potentially toxic ingredients (per EWG.org it IS rated a 5, which is not so great) in or on my body, but honestly I don't care at all what the heel balm is made from (some of the ingredients seem benign, others I am not so sure about). But it is too great to give up.