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  • bjbrall4 - Collector's Ideal

    If you collect Topps baseball cards but are not interested in all the various insert cards that come in packs, this is the way to go.

  • NoodleXfish - great

    Although the winter months have kept me off this great unicycle I can say that when i was actually practicing, I was having a lot of fun with it. I'm defiantly a novice at riding and fall a lot, haha But anyway, this product is great for anyone I'm sure. The seat is adjustable to fit a wide rang of sizes. also the unicycle does come disassembled, however with the proper tools, you can have it together in no time. great item. :)

  • Corinna L. - He can do all the silly butterfly knife tricks easily. Beware

    I bought this for my teenage son as a gift. He adores it. He can do all the silly butterfly knife tricks easily. Beware, although the blade is not sharp, it does still have a tip, and let's say if you were to be fiddling with it, and drop it onto your bare foot, I bet you would be gushing blood all over place.... but don't worry, it won't need stitches. So I would suggest wearing shoes at all times when using this training "knife." The colors are not my cup of tea, but this is the one he wanted and he said it is based on a weapon in a video game whose name I have thankfully forgotten. The little thing at the bottom that holds it closed is the weakest point in this whole product, it can get loose. My son has no complaints, carries it with him to impress random people with his skills, and really just loves it. So weird. The case is of good quality, has withstood the months of use, and the box it comes in is very nice, as my son keeps it on his table and won't let me throw it out. It is one of his prized possessions. It is pretty noisy when being used, which can be annoying, but at least I know what he is doing in the other room when I hear it. Again, wear shoes when trying tricks.

  • P. Cronk - Love it

    Our daughters will have a great time using this over christmas break and something they can play together regardless of age

  • k.norm - Just okay

    I found the product to be decent enough for removing hair. After following the directions I found the product just "okay" for hair removal. I followed the directions to a T, and found that it wasn't tremendously effective at removing all hair within designated area of application. Even ignoring the directions and keeping the solution on longer than recommended, it was still not totally effective and I needed to go back over the area again and reapply. This was my first foray into hair removal cream and I'm sure there are more effective creams out there.

  • Beach Gal - Great shade

    This is a great shade. I live in a sunny climate and have always bought the cheap (under $10) reflective shades, but they are too small for the C-Max. I actually got this from the Ford dealer for a few dollars less, but the model number and manufacturer (Intro-Tech FD-55) are the same as listed here. This is very sturdy and of better quality than any of the other reflective shades I've owned, and it fits perfectly. Hooray! Combined with after-market window tinting, we are much happier campers.