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  • Saad - Great for low light selfies

    Love this selfie ring. Helps to take nice selfies since my phone doesn't really do a good job in low light situations. Thanks!

  • Old Southern Charm - Adequate

    I have both Electrolux and Asko front loading washing machines. With the Electrolux, I have always left the door open, and the detergent tray open when not in use. I purchased it in 2006. So far, I've never had an issue with mildew, or an odor. I have used bleach, and the TIde product as well to clean the Electrolux and the Asko. The Tide product is a powder - this product is a tablet. I noticed that the tablet does not fully dissolve, as has been noted by other users. I don't know if this matters or not. As I was not dealing with odor issues, I suppose that it adequately "freshened" up the washers as it is supposed to do. I wasn't blown away with sparkling results, nor was I disappointed. I'm not likely to purchase this product again. The clean cycle, with a little bleach, seems to do a.good job.

  • Joseph West - I don't know if the professional would have saved me any money but the amount of tax at the end was pretty close to what I've pa

    I have a somewhat complex tax situation as I have a "day job" as well as a side-business and my wife is self-employed with a business of her own. In the past I've paid a professional on the order of $1000 to prepare my taxes for me. The amount of preparation work (gathering and organizing records) was slightly more bother with TaxACT than with the professional, because the professional has a well organized list for me to work from. But the savings with TaxACT more than makes up for the slight extra bother. I don't know if the professional would have saved me any money but the amount of tax at the end was pretty close to what I've paid in past years. So I'm pretty sure the savings in avoided preparation fees more than covers any potential tax savings. And either way the initial gathering of information is a big PITA so the slight increase in effort with TaxACT isn't significant.

  • Natasa - Everything you need to know

    I tutor for a lot of different tests, but here lately I’ve been helping some high school students prepare for the ASVAB.

  • Meli79 - Does not work and misleading

    I have very naturally curly hair. This product was recommended by a Sally's associate who said it would straighten my hair which it also says straight hair on the box. I ended up with a frizz disaster.. My hair now will not go straight or curly and I have to flat iron everyday for 45 minutes which is frying my hair even more. When I called the 800 number on the box I was told it was not a straightener but a relaxer meant mainly for wavy hair.. Would have been nice to know this before hand.. Would never recommend!!!