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  • Raeto - Evil in its purest form

    It shows you how little you know about history, how school programming leaves you with an ingrained perception and understanding of reality which has nothing to do with reality. It's a perfect game of deception and perception. The energy of the pain suffered by all the people must have reached galaxies far away. Any sane being may it be extraterrestrial or extra-dimensional in this universe understandably stays far away from us. No wonder are we not allowed to leave earth as we would only spread unimaginable horror wherever we would go. It deeply hurts me to realize that I am part of beings capable of inflicting such utter horror upon their fellow beings. The mere thought of all the atrocities comitted makes me weep forever. How can we not realize that we are living in paradise created by good but governed by evil. How can we treat the earth which allows us to exist in the first place with such disrespect and arrogance. I'm ashamed of calling myself human and look forward to the time when I'm allowed to leave this experience and dimension to unite again with love and the creator. The ultimate ignorance is to reject something one has not investigated. Love is King and evil must be defeated.

  • volha - Really working product

    The product is absolutely fantastic! I've been using it since May, 2014 and feel evident results, loosing my weight as it suppresses my appetite. Garcinia really works!

  • Udo's Dad - Disappointing Quality -- Not a Good Value

    I thought the quality of the material was a bit thin, even for a rain jacket. I probably would not buy it again. I ordered it because I trusted the Marmot name, but didn't live up to the name in my opinion. Not a good value for your money. I probably would return it if time had not yet expired to do so.