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United Healthcare Complaints - United Healthcare did Everything they could to NOT pay my wife\'s medical bills. On my own, I would have lost the battle, but I wasn\'t alone!

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  • Julie P. - Great Compression Kne Wraps

    This is a very well made Compression Knee Wrap. Got the Blue one instead of the black. The colors are very nice.

  • N152 - Next to Worthless

    I got the box for my 2008 dodge ram, and was going to run two kicker comp 12 subs. When I got the box, it was already broken in half, the only thing holding the right side on was the carpet. It fit in my pickup no problem though. Then I was going to put my subs in. Nope. The kickers wouldn't fit, but luckily I had some old subs laying around that fit. I used the box for about a month and couldn't stand the rattling anymore.

  • B. Rhoades - Excellent for knee pain

    I have had a good deal of pain in both knees over the past few years following some tennis injuries (torn meniscus/torn cartilage). I had surgery to fix both of them, however even after the surgery I still had a significant amount of pain. I was comfortable buying Penetrex because of the "Relief Guarantee" that is offered, although I don't need to use the guarantee because this product has done a good job with easing some of the pain and aching I feel in my knees. Penetrex is also less expensive than some of the other less effective joint relief products I have tried in the past. When I started using this I was applying the cream 3-4 times per day. Although some days I was able to put less on because my knees weren't as achey. I would usually put some on when I woke up since I tend to have the most pain in the mornings. I only need about 2 finger scoops per knee and you only have to apply it to the areas that you feel irritation. I like to apply this cream 30 minutes before I go to the gym because then I am able to use the elliptical without a large amount of pain. The cream itself isn't greasy and you can pretty much put it on at any time because it doesn't take long to absorb into your skin, I only have to massage it for about 1 or 2 minutes until it's completely absorbed. After it absorbs, I put on my knee brace (I don't use anything super fancy, just 

  • Amazon Customer - So glad I discovered this Conair Curl Secret.

    This Conair Curl was much better than I expected. It took a few tries to figure out how to position the head of the tool, but was pretty easy after a few tries. The only negative is I wish you could place more hair into the barrel to make bigger waves, but none the less I love how it makes my hair turn out. It even lasts through a night of sleeping.

  • Samuel Kachmar - Good companion book to IBC and IRC

    Ordered this book for My Massachusetts CSL exam. Passed my exam this past week. Very good companion book to the IBC and IRC.

  • nikki nguyen - Don't waste your money on garbage.

    I bought and downloaded this and it completely didn't work correctly AT ALL. My documents with bullets never indented when I press the tab button (I knew it wasn't my tab button because I would press it on Pages and it would work perfectly fine.) It wouldn't close correctly, or do anything correctly when I press the command buttons. Sometimes when I press enter it indents instead of starting a new line. What?! What program does that! Basically, it was pretty USELESS for a person that types fast and uses short cuts and commands to type. The biggest waste of $127.00. When I called Microsoft technicians, they seemed really clueless about my problem. I haven't even used this for a week yet when I contacted customer technical support and they wanted to charge me $99.00 to have someone go into my computer and do troubleshooting on my computer. $99.00 for 30 days? Really? That is almost as much as this product. I'd rather buy a system from Mac that's $1,000.00 that would work correctly. Microsoft will charge you anything to get your money even if you only had it for a while. Their products also slows and starts breaking down after 2 years of use. This is why I am a loyal MAC customer.