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  • Rorie - As Seen in Photo

    It is nice shinny and to my surprise it dried fast. I am very happy I ordered it and would be ordering more..........!!!!

  • NonTech guy - Extortion of a monopoly

    How can I say this product sucks strong enough. This product must be bought as a 3 year only stand alone or a monthly subscription....(Can anyone say "same thing") However, my problem is the lack of disclosure. When you buy the software Intuit doesn't tell you they will render it useless in 3 years by requiring all transactions to be manually entered. They proactively render the software useless? They say it like this "After 3 years we no longer support online banking" What they mean is "after 3 years we SHUT OFF online downloading of transactions nor will we allow you to import files or cut & paste transactions into your register. We actively shut off the ability to use the product until you pay us again,"

  • J. Fullam - Very coarse.

    If you are looking for something really coarse this is for you. I will only use this once a week and use another finer one everyday.

  • Akael - Like adding a bladder to your uterus. ...I mean that in a good way.

    This is a cut-and-paste from a review I did on an outdoorsy type forum with only a few minor changes to smooth off some rough language, so it's a bit out-in-the-woods flavored, but hopefully some of the info is still useful to civilized folk.

  • Justin B Occhiogrosso - Classy socks that rock!

    What a classic assortment! Navy, grey, black, with sharp patterns that are eye catching, yet appropriate. The material is quality and based on feel, will provide comfort and will be breathable. This is an ideal sample pack, perfect for a holiday stocking stuffer!

  • Jackie Nerem - So far, so good

    We've only had them installed for a few days, so we'll see how they hold up, but so far, so good. They're very attractive and put off good light to illuminate our rear sidewalk very well. Will upgrade this to five stars, if they stand the test of time.

  • happygirl - It's my favorite. Leaves your hair so soft and has been ...

    I think I am going on my third jar of this. It's my favorite. Leaves your hair so soft and has been recommened by so many people! Also, the price here is amazing. Target sells it for $30 and I went into a boutique by the beach and they were selling it for $55!!! I couldn't believe it.