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Country:, Oceania, NZ

City: 174.7667 Auckland, New Zealand

  • Dennis Cheung - DoSomething.org is paying people to spam this product

    DoSomething.org is paying people to spam this product and others like it with one star reviews. If you like this costume and think it's fun, go ahead and buy it. I have nothing to do with this product other than I think these people who spam a product with illegitimate reviews are dishonest and I think customers should get the full facts about these reviews before they make a purchase. Thank you for reading.

  • Y. Tung - SLS Sodium Lauryl Sulphate Watch Out

    Started using VetsBest nearly a year ago to try and get off of Frontline and Advantage. Have a dog with severe flea bite allergy. The spot ons did not work well because fleas have to bite him before they die. So if there are 4 fleas and each one must get at least one bite before their demise...in addition they really are a poison and very bad for the environment as well as humans who happen to pet your treated dog. VetsBest seemed to be working as long as you apply it often; I don't think the effect lasts very long. After a number of applications I noticed that it irritated my lungs and dried out my dog's skin. Did some research. It could be the clove oil. OR It could be SLS--an industrial strength surfactant and cleaning agent for garage floors and engines, it is usually used in toothpastes and shampoos for its foaming action, BUT both of those are rinsed off. What happens if you leave it repeatedly on your or your pet's skin? Research shows that tested on small animals such as rabbits and mice, it strips the skin of oil, breaks down skin cells and caused damage to eyes!!! Why must they use so much SLS? For the foam. But VetsBest is too foamy and slimy. So I Have quit using VetsBest. I seem to be getting on top of the flea thing with diatomaceous earth everywhere, and apple cider vinegar spray and in my dog's food along with garlic. Also am going to spray with IGR, insect growth regulator which is not an insecticide, non harmful, but breaks the flea, egg cycle.

  • JACK SMITH - Cool ingredients

    Who knew that RICE is a brightener? Sure I eat it but rubbing it all over my face? Aside from having pearl, this thing has rice extract which is pretty cool. My face is already light and bright (I'm lucky) but I want to keep it that way. I will keep this in my arsenal between all the masks I have that does other things.