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  • K. Bartell - Light coverage, glides over fine lines

    I use this as a base. It does go on very smoothly, and it doesn't sit in fine lines, which is my favorite feature of the product. Not oily, light on pigmentation. You'll notice this if you use fingertips to apply, then wash or wipe with a tissue. Very little color transfer. For all these reasons, it's a good primer for your foundation.


    Our water heater in our camping trailer is 12 years old and the thermostat went out. This replaced the original one and it works like a charm. It is exactly the replacement for the original thermostat.

  • Drew - Highly recommended for anyone with pets!

    Our Oreck recently died and we decided to go with a Shark after family members recommended one. We couldn't be happier with this model. It's perfect for anyone that has pets. We have two dogs who shed all the time. The fact that it has no bag makes it so much easier to empty and it's cheaper since you don't have to buy the bags. We highly recommend the Shark Navigator!

  • La Pilla - Wow Amazing

    I was captivated by your story from beginning to end. We all have insecurities and different personalities. We tend to change who we are to make others happy but not ourselves. Ryen was amazing and honest when being hurtful to other without seeing her actions caused pain to others. Standing by and letting others get hurt in front of you by other and you do nothing; it makes you no better than the bully because you are a bystander doing NOTHING. I loved your book and what it means to readers. It makes me see that even though there were mistakes done, you can still change for the better. Forgive yourself so you can ask for forgiveness of others. I loved Misha from begging to end. The strength he carried with his pain. He was not scared of Ryen and it helped her in the long run. Thank you Penelope Douglas...can't wait to see what else you write.

  • Greg - Pleased with the Company and product so far.

    Just recvd product today. I chose this product based on the completeness of ingredients coupled with price point. I am sincerely hoping to find it is helpful for me.

  • Darci Nelson - Very nice product! Lathers well with a small amount used

    Very nice product! Lathers well with a small amount used, cleans thoroughly and rinses easily! Smells very nice! I'm impressed!