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Dysphagia Treatment | Modality Clinical Programs | ACP - Introducing Synchrony – clinical program for the treatment of Dysphagia. ACP is the nation’s leading provider of modality-based clinical programs.

  • http://www.acplus.com/Programs/Pages/programs.aspx ACP Programs - Our clinical rehab programs include an integrated approach combining medical technology with therapeutic interventions for improved patient outcomes.
  • http://www.acplus.com/Products/Pages/products.aspx Therapeutic Modalities in Rehabilitation | Accelerated Care Plus - ACP uses therapeutic modalities in our treatment programs. A therapeutic modality can increase patient comfort and tolerance to treatment.
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  • Pike Krzoick - I'm happy with it...

    Exactly what I expected. Makes a great starting point for adding to make a great kit. Works well with my first aid kit and off-road kit.

  • P. Killion - Excellent Gateway - Works with Comcast

    The Motorola SURFboard SBG6580 has a recieved a lot of praise, and a lot of negative feedback, but I think it's important to note both who your ISP is, and also the release date of the product. It seems that many of the early bugs/issues have been worked out, so long as you have an ISP who can release the latest firmware to the device. Cable modems are only able to be flashed by your ISP such as Comcast, and this modem may not be certified to work with all cable providers.

  • Alley Goyer - I love coloring the week's page while listening to lectures

    This is the coolest planner ever. I love coloring the week's page while listening to lectures. It's fun and interactive and keeps me on track. The size is good; I usually choose smaller calendars so that I can put them in my purse but this one stays in my backpack so the size is not an issue. The pages are beautiful, but time-consuming. You get out of it what you put into it.

  • David Bahnsen - Couldn't be much more obvious

    I do not know if the title of this review is going to prove to be too melodramatic or not. I doubt it. I am doing my best to only take breaks from my financial crisis book review series for really special exceptions, but the problem is that my reading list has been overwhelmed with really special exceptions. Charles Murray, author of the absolute must-reads Losing Ground and The Bell Curve has done it again, only this time, he has truly out-done himself. The underlying theses in the aforementioned books were highly controversial, and hardly accepted for the profound thinking that they represented within the leftist academic community. Coming Apart, though has not (and will not) see such resistance. The reason: The empirical data and raw conclusions one derives from such data leave very room for dispute.

  • M. Richter - Super light, easy to fold, handles great!

    Love this stroller. It's nice a light. Great for airline trips. We bought the Uppababy bag and checked it, but it handles great, has a mesh seat, which is perfect for the hot, humid, summers and the sun shade made it for me, it's huge and really blocks the sun.