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  • hrtaus - Creates 3-D out of a 2-D TV

    I purchased this cable in conjunction with a 60 lb cheese wheel so I wouldn't go hungry while configuring this cable to my entertainment setup. The instructions to this product were very clear and it only took me about 30 minutes to set up new HDMI cables. When I turned on the TV, I was not prepared for what happened. My once 1080p picture turned into 2160p display! Everything was so vivid. Not only that, but the TV became 3-D before my very eyes. I thought the wheel from Wheel of Fortune was going to spin right into me.

  • Jerry in CBad - Great sound in lightweight comfort

    Very light weight but great sound with rich bass. Kit came with 3x Eartips, wire tie, carry case, Dual Port Car Charger and both a long and a short charging cord. I got them on sale but they compare to sets 2-3 times the price. Oh, and they'll comfortable.

  • GenXer - My 6 yr old loves t!

    My son loves Lego and very much enjoys these advent calendars. I do wish Lego would not reveal some of the items as my son figured out at least the first few days just by looking at the box. I will buy another set next year

  • Jean - Great Book, terrible navigation

    I like the Bible alright BUT...I don't see where there's a way to jump to any verse on the Kindle Paperwhite. I have a new Paperwhite (purchased only a few months ago). I've read and re-read all the instructions for navigating this Bible. I've looked at threads of discussions online about how to jump to any verse on the Kindle Paperwhite but it doesn't work. I'm supposed to tap the search icon, then type in the abbreviated book plus the chapter and verse, then switch from "search in book" to "index items" BUT THERE IS NO "index items" choice to be found. Is this not on the Kindle Paperwhite at all or am I missing something? I'm considering returning the book to Amazon if I cannot jump to a specific verse. I will not "scroll" through pages to find a verse I'm looking for. Can someone please help?