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Aston Veterinary Hospital | Aston, Media and Delaware County - Aston Veterinary Hospital has been caring for pets in Delaware County for more than 60 years, and we offer a wide range of services for your pets.

  • http://www.astonvet.com/about-us/why-aston-vet/ About Us | Aston Veterinary Hospital | Delaware County - Aston Veterinary Hospital is a full service, AAHA certified, small animal facility providing professional health care for your pet in Media, PA.
  • http://www.astonvet.com/about-us/meet-our-veterinarians/ Meet Our Veterinarians | Aston Veterinary Hospital | Media, PA - Get to know our team of veterinarians here at AVH by reading their staff bios, so that you can be assured that your pet will have the best care possible!
  • http://www.astonvet.com/about-us/meet-our-vet-techs/ Meet Our Vet Techs | Aston Veterinary Hospital | Media, PA - Read about our veterinary technicians at Aston Veterinary Hospital so that you feel comfortable before you and your pet even arrive at your appointment!
  • http://www.astonvet.com/about-us/meet-our-staff/ Meet Our Veterinary Staff | Aston Veterinary Hospital | Media PA - Read bios about the team of dedicated, caring and experienced veterinary staff that work together to ensure that you and your pet have a great experience!
  • http://www.astonvet.com/about-us/veterinary-hospital-tour/ Veterinary Hospital Tour | Aston Veterinary Hospital | Media PA - View our photo gallery to check out our state of the art facility at the Aston Veterinary Hospital and familiarize yourself before your visit.
  • http://www.astonvet.com/about-us/no-interest-payment-options/ No Interest Payment Options | Aston Veterinary Hospital | Media - We understand that sometimes vet bills can get expensive. We offer a variety of payment options for your veterinary visit, including CareCredit financing.
  • http://www.astonvet.com/about-us/employment/ Veterinary Employment | Aston Veterinary Hospital | Media, PA - Are you looking for employment in the veterinary field? We are interested in hardworking individuals who want to make a difference in the lives of animals.
  • http://www.astonvet.com/about-us/for-our-cat-patients/ For Our Cat Patients | Aston Veterinary Hospital | Media, PA Vet - At the Aston Veterinary Hospital, we take special care to make sure your cat will have the best visit possible and will leave happy and healthy.
  • http://www.astonvet.com/about-us/our-pet-projects/ Our Pet Projects | Aston Veterinary Hospital | Delaware County - Aston Veterinary Hospital is a strong supporter of the local non-profits and we contribute time and money to help local animal-focused groups.
  • http://www.astonvet.com/about-us/promotions/ Promotions and Discounts | Aston Veterinary Hospital | Media - The Aston Veterinary Hospital offers a wide variety of promotions and deals on veterinary services and products for your pets.
  • http://www.astonvet.com/about-us/testimonials/ Testimonials | Aston Veterinary Hospital | Delaware County Vet - Read reviews of what people like you have to say about their veterinarian experiences at the Aston Veterinary Hospital in Media, PA.
  • http://www.astonvet.com/pet-care/tailored-wellness-programs/ Pet Wellness Programs | Aston Veterinary Hospital | Media, PA - We have three tailored wellness programs, specially designed to cater to exactly what your pet needs to stay as healthy as possible in each stage of life.
  • http://www.astonvet.com/pet-care/wellness-examinations/ Pet Wellness Examinations | Aston Veterinary Hospital | Media - Our veterinarians provide head to tail wellness exams to diagnose existing health issues and prevent future health problems from unnecessarily occurring.
  • http://www.astonvet.com/pet-care/vaccinations/ Pet Vaccinations | Aston Veterinary Hospital | Media, PA - Vaccinations are a critical part of preventative care for your pet. Our veterinarians will determine which vaccinations your pet needs and how often.
  • http://www.astonvet.com/pet-care/preventative-care/ Pet Preventative Care | Aston Veterinary Hospital | Media, PA - There are many things you can do for your pet's preventative care and it's important you do them all to prevent future illnesses and high veterinary bills.
  • http://www.astonvet.com/pet-care/nutrition/ Pet Nutrition | Aston Veterinary Hospital | Delaware County PA - Our vets at the Aston Veterinary Hospital will be able to determine the best kind of food and diet for your pet based on their individual needs.
  • http://www.astonvet.com/pet-care/getting-a-new-pet/ Getting a New Pet | Aston Veterinary Hospital | Media, PA - Ready for your family to grow? We're here for you and your new pet in this exciting time. Learn about what to expect, download new pet forms and more!
  • http://www.astonvet.com/pet-care/resources/ Pet Resources | Aston Veterinary Hospital | Delaware County - We provide a list of valuable links chosen by our hospital's veterinarians to help you with your pet, such as care, safety, loss, food and diet, and breed.
  • http://www.astonvet.com/services/ Our Veterinary Services | Aston Veterinary Hospital | Media, PA - We're a progressive vet hospital with a wide range of services for your pets. We believe in both care & convenience, so we offer as many services as we can.
  • http://www.astonvet.com/services/food-prescription-refills/ Food & Prescription Refills | Aston Veterinary Hospital | Media - Order food and prescriptions for your pet right through our site by filling out our form which will be submitted to your veterinarian.
  • http://www.astonvet.com/services/laboratory/ Veterinary Laboratory | Aston Veterinary Hospital | Media, PA - In addition to the physical examination, our veterinarians use blood tests and other lab work to better assess your pet's health in our in-house lab.
  • http://www.astonvet.com/services/dentistry/ Veterinary Dentistry | Aston Veterinary Hospital | Media, PA - Veterinary dentistry is one of the most important and overlooked areas of pet health. Our hospital provides total dental care for your pet's tooth health.
  • http://www.astonvet.com/services/pharmacy/ Veterinary Pharmacy | Aston Veterinary Hospital | Media, PA - For your pet's convenience, we have a fully stocked pharmacy in house, with hundreds of medications, solutions and prescription food for your pet's health.
  • http://www.astonvet.com/services/radiology/ Veterinary Radiology | Aston Veterinary Hospital | Media, PA - Our radiology department has an in-house xray machine which allows us to quickly diagnose problems not found by physical examinations or blood testing.

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