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Become a Woman - Become a woman is a safe space for amazing advice, tips and inspiration for those in need of guidance in their transitioning journey to becoming a woman.

  • http://www.becomeawoman.com/becoming-a-woman Becoming a Woman - The Journey You Were Born to Make - Becoming a woman can be a tough decision make but with support and guidance, you can start your transformation from male to female enjoyable and life-changing.
  • http://www.becomeawoman.com/male-to-female-hormones Male to Female Hormones to Get the Body You've Always Wanted - Male to female hormones will help make your transition go more smoothly and more naturally. Learn more about Brestrogen, a natural breast enlargement cream.
  • http://www.becomeawoman.com/articles Blog - Become a Woman - Become a woman blog offers articles about becoming a woman. Subjects like breast enlargement surgery, cross-dressing, social pressure, and psychological aspects are discussed.

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  • George Poirier - Fun and Informative

    This book contains 100 stories outlining a great variety of facts. The topics vary tremendously: from history and geography to politics to science and health. Each story is on average about two and a half pages long – just a nice length to sufficiently get into the subject without short-changing the reader or belaboring the topic. At the end of each story is a “bonus fact” which is a spinoff fact varyingly related to the main fact just discussed. The stories can be read in any particular order since they are not interdependent.

  • madeleine gallay - Reynolds classic aluminum foil that tears from the roll beautifully

    Reynolds, the classic aluminum foil and perhaps the easiest to tear evenly. I keep a cookie sheet lined with this in the oven and can put potatoes to bake directly above that and no mess. I also have wrapped more than a few presents in this, carefully as it is easy to wrinkle and it looks very festive and can do unusual shapes quite well.

  • Dana Shafie - When is the waterproof edition getting published?

    As a whale, I found Cap'n Trimmers advice helpful, although he does tend to limit the scope of his recommendations to the surface of the water. Having run into huge ships many times before, with the headaches to prove it, I think I will be better prepared to avoid them in the future. But trying to read the small type on water-logged pages was very difficult. How about larger print, flipper-friendly pages to turn and waterproof paper would really help the aquatic readers. Keep up the great work Cap'n! Now if you can write that book on how to avoid huge beaches my life would be so much safer.