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Boulder Medical Center - Quality Health Care Since 1949 - Boulder Medical Center offers quality health care and top doctors at three convenient locations - Broadway & Foothills in Boulder + Avista in Louisville 

  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/allergy/ Allergy & Immunology Department at Boulder Medical Center - Allergy doctors at Boulder Medical Center. Visit the Allergy department for the most up to date treatments for your condition.
  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/audiology/ Audiology Department at Boulder Medical Center - The Audiologists at Boulder Medical Center treat all types of hearing loss in patients of all ages. Call us today to make an appointment.
  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/billing-and-business-office/ Billing and Business Office at Boulder Medical Center - Visit our website to make your online bill payment. A list of the insurance we accept is available as well as additional helpful patient information. 
  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/cardiology/ Cardiology Department at Boulder Medical Center - Boulder Medical Center offers a comprehensive range of safe, fast and reliable diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for the heart patient.
  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/contact-lens/ Contact Lens Department at Boulder Medical Center - Let us help you meet all of your contact lens needs. The Contact Lens Department is located at our Broadway location. Stop by or call us at 303-440-3116. 
  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/dermatology/ Dermatology Department at Boulder Medical Center - The Department of Dermatology treats skin, hair, and nail disorders in both adults and children. Contact us today for more information.
  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/family-medicine/ Family Medicine Department at Boulder Medical Center - Providing comprehensive medical care for the individual and family. Please contact one of our Boulder Medical Center family doctors today.
  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/gastroenterology/ Gastroenterology Department at Boulder Medical Center - Dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the digestive system. We're located at the Broadway location of the Boulder Medical Center.
  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/general-surgery/ Department of General Surgery at the Boulder Medical Center - The surgeons of the Boulder Medical Center work closely with their patient’s primary care physicians to provide the highest possible level of care.
  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/internal-medicine/ Internal Medicine Department at Boulder Medical Center - Providing both primary care and specialty care for adult and adolescents 14 years & older. We welcome new patients and college students.
  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/medical-records/ Medical Records - Boulder Medical Center - The Boulder Medical Center’s Release of Records desk can help you obtain or send copies of your medical records. Visit our site to download request forms.
  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/neurology/ Neurology Department at Boulder Medical Center - The Boulder Medical Center offers a comprehensive range of electrodiagnostics and therapeutic modalities for most well-known neurological disorders.
  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/obstetrics-and-gynecology/ Obstetrics and Gynecology Department at Boulder Medical Center - Two locations: Avista campus in Louisville and Foothills campus in Boulder. Both locations provide comprehensive obstetrical and gynecologic services.
  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/ophthalmology/ Ophthalmology Department at Boulder Medical Center - Providing routine examinations for adults and children as well as medical and surgical management of eye diseases and disorders. Please contact us today.
  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/optical-shop/ Optical Department at Boulder Medical Center - The BMC Optical Shop is known for friendly service, an excellent frame selection and our expertise in helping you select the “perfect” frame. 
  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/orthopedics/ Orthopedics Department at Boulder Medical Center - Our staff has extensive experience providing comprehensive care for injuries and conditions of the musculoskeletal system.
  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/otolaryngology-head-and-neck-surgery/ Otolaryngology Department at Boulder Medical Center - Dedicated to providing comprehensive care in Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery (Ears, Nose and Throat as the specialty is commonly called). 
  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/pediatrics/ Pediatrics Department at Boulder Medical Center - We strive to provide your family with world class care close to home. Board certified pediatricians available 24/7 in both Louisville and Boulder.
  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/pharmacy/ The Pharmacy at Boulder Medical Center - We are contracted with all major insurances and accept most prescription cards.  We are able to determine copays while your prescription is being processed.
  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/physical-therapy/ Physical Therapy Department at Boulder Medical Center - Modern techniques, state of the art equipment and outstanding physical therapists who specialize in orthopedic, sports and work injury rehabilitation.
  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/podiatry/ Podiatry Department at Boulder Medical Center - Providing comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases and injuries to the human foot and ankle.
  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/radiology-nuclear-medicine/ Radiology Department at Boulder Medical Center - Painless, safe and economical diagnostic imaging performed by certified technologists in a convenient location. Contact us at 303-415-4240.
  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/rheumatology/ Rheumatology Department at Boulder Medical Center - Experts in the use of anti-rheumatic drugs, biologic and immunomodulating therapies, viscosupplementation and analgesics to treat arthritic conditions.
  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/urgent-care/ Urgent Care at Boulder Medical Center - No appointment necessary. Boulder Medical Center Urgent Care is staffed by family practice physicians and/or emergency room specialists and nurses.
  • https://www.bouldermedicalcenter.com/departments/urology/ Urology Department at Boulder Medical Center - Utilizing the latest technology to make Urology surgery less invasive and less hospital oriented.

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