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Virtual Campus for Public Health (VCPH/PAHO) | Bringing knowledge to practice - Network courses, resources, activities, information and knowledge management, to improve skills of the workforce and public health practices.

  • https://www.campusvirtualsp.org/en/open-educational-resources-oer-network-virtual-campus-public-health Open Educational Resources OER Network in the Virtual Campus for Public Health | Virtual Campus for Public Health (VCPH/PAHO) - Please search for educational resources in the OER Network, regional node or country nodes. The OER Network is a project of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), led by the Virtual Campus for Public Health (VCPH) and the Virtual Health Library (VHL), which aims at creating a network of Open Educational Resources allowing the publication, search and retrieval of learning objects throughout the region of the Americas.
  • https://www.campusvirtualsp.org/pt-br Campus Virtual de Saúde Pública (OPAS/OMS) | Trazer o conhecimento à prática - Cursos de rede, recursos, actividades, informação e gestão do conhecimento, para melhorar as habilidades da força de trabalho e as práticas de saúde pública.
  • https://www.campusvirtualsp.org/es/verificacion-del-certificado Verificación del certificado | Campus Virtual de Salud Pública (CVSP/OPS) - Red de cursos, recursos, actividades, información y gestión del conocimiento, para mejorar competencias de la fuerza de trabajo y prácticas de la salud pública.
  • https://www.campusvirtualsp.org/en/more-250000-participants-vcph More than 250,000 participants at the VCPH | Virtual Campus for Public Health (VCPH/PAHO) - In recent years, the Virtual Campus of Public Health has grown substantially in the number of users and amount of courses offered. It has expanded from 40,000 participants in February 2014 to 250,000 participants in September 2016.
  • https://www.campusvirtualsp.org/en/plans-water-safety-self-learning-course-was-initiated The Plans of Water Safety Self-learning Course was initiated | Virtual Campus for Public Health (VCPH/PAHO) - The course is an initiative of the Pan American Health Organization / World Health Organization (PAHO / WHO), through the Regional Task Force on Water and Sanitation (ETRAS), with the support of the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation development (AECID); It aims to provide theoretical and practical tools to companies that supply the drinking water for people, as well as medical personnel performing activities management, operation, monitoring and system monitoring water supply in the countries of the Americas in line with those recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) principles. VIEW COURSE

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  • Nathan H - Difficult to hold

    This knife was unfortunately not made in the US. This is my first and biggest gripe, but it is a solid, well-built knife. The locking mechanism is simple to use one handed and securely held the knife during my numerous kayaking trips this past year. Overall, the knife is slightly shorter than I would prefer for a rescue/emergency knife. I have smaller hands, but the small handle still makes it hard to grip the knife.

  • Beau - They're a little smaller than you might think. But they're good and get the job done.

    Not gonna lie, I assumed the tools and the tool box was going to be a little bigger, but they have served me well and got the job done. And I kinda like the portability of the tools too actually. I bought this to help me fix my scooter, and now I can actually just keep them in my seat trunk. Thanks.

  • Ange - Healthier alternative to jerky!

    This is a great alternative to beef jerky! I was so excited to receive this and try it. I have chosen to eat Paleo because I have Fibromyalgia.When I saw that this was made with grass fed beef, had no MSG, nitrates or chemicals I was super excited to try it. It fits in with my eating style perfectly! I have never tried Biltong before so this was my first experience with it.

  • Jeb67 - Zanfel & Me: Field Notes

    I have contacted poison ivy 4-5 times in the past 5-6 years doing ranch work on my place in central Montana. It seems impossible to avoid when working cattle or doing fenceline repair, especially when one has to focus on the tasks at hand. Under these circumstances I have had poison ivy rash most commonly on my hands and legs, but in the most severe cases pretty much all over my entire body. The first time I experienced poison ivy rash I tried a variety of creams and gels to try to reduce or stop the itching, including Calamine Lotion and Benadryl Gel. The Lotion and Gel reduced itching for a few minutes, or sometimes an hour or two if the rash was mild. I even tried coating the blisters and rash with clear nail polish thinking if I could block out air the itching would stop (this air-blocking rememdy works for fire ant bites in Florida,which blister like poison ivy blisters, but it did not help my poison ivy rash or blisters). I also tried Technu Outdoor Skin Cleaner (the original)which is suppose to remove poison ivy oils, but I did not get really true relief until I discovered Zanfel. In severe cases I have washed my poison ivy rashes as much as four times a day, in mild cases once a day, with Zanfel. In severe cases, with Zanfel, it takes up to 3-4 weeks to clear; in mild cases 7-10 days. Zanfel's most redeeming attribute in my opinion is that it relieves the horrible itching (in my severe cases for up to four hours, and in mild cases up to 12 hours). It also noticably reduces redness of the rash and when applied routinely and as-directed, the size of the rash is visibly reduced with almost each application. To save a few bucks, I have also tried the Walgreens copycat version of Zanfel, called "Poison Ivy Wash".It works also. But in side-by-side testing of Zanfel and the Walgreens copycat on my most recent poison ivy rash which I am currently treating, I prefer Zanfel.Zanfel seems to perform the best for me.

  • avid reader - Great read...

    This is a powerful story of truth. Things happening in today's world could very well make you want to be aware of everything and everyone around you. The story moves quickly and eventful. It certainly kept me on the edge if my seat and I found myself taking it wherever I went. The only thing I didn't care for was the way the author used the f bomb...constantly. If thus is a well educated young lady and he being a strong and successful business man, then surely their language would be more appropriate. Come on, Ms. Elliot, surely you have better vocabulary and more imagination. Otherwise, it was a great read and I would recommend it BUT NOT for younger audiences. Great suspense!

  • Amazon Customer - Very counter-intuitive - particularly for first 100 words

    Words are very counter-intuitive for a baby. Specific examples: some are not words at all, but phrases like: "red shoes." The background is red, in addition to the shoes. For a baby's first words, why use an adjective and noun instead of simple word association (e.g., shoes)? Other examples include orange slice, carrot sticks, soft toy, and stuffed animal. Kitten (in a large picture) is on the same page as cat (in a smaller picture). All in all, this does not seem like one that will aid learning.