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The Children’s Lyme Disease Network focuses attention on the impact of Lyme Disease in children. - CLDN was formed out of a concern over the growing number of children becoming infected with Lyme Disease and the challenges families face in getting a proper diagnosis and treatment.

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  • Dennis - Intuit systemic problem

    I run and advise law offices. Over 10 years ago I was using QB in the town where Intuit was based. Then one office had a legal issue with an Intuit employee who advised us that the company created the system of planned expirations as a way to force constant upgrades. I first experienced this problem in 1998 when my accountant could not use my backup unless she upgraded her QB program. Like many programs, this plan forces all users to to constantly upgrade to remain compatible, and prevents me from accessing my 10 year old data unless I use my 10 year old computer. The difference is that Intuit intentionally and artificially shortens the time necessary to upgrade.

  • Vera Appleyard - The Niacin You Are supposed to Take

    This is the right niacin if you are trying to lower bad cholesterol. Apparently the flush-free stuff does not have the same impact. I found this out after buying a bunch of the other. Toss them and got this. Now the flushing is INTENSE. I turn bright red. I did some research and found a simple fix - 1000 mg of quercetin and hour before taking the niacin. The flushing is much less intense and it allows you to get used to the dose while initially taking it. Some people do an aspirin but that didn't really help me much.

  • Dave - Great Bang for the Buck!!!

    This ab exerciser does exactly what it claims. I am very surprised at the strength at which it contracts my abs on only 3 AAA's!! I mean wow. I have to gradually work my way up to the full setting,. It is very effective. My abs hurt for days after the first couple sessions with this thing.

  • Mandi C - Super useful, fits my tall

    Ok this is definitely one of those things that is so simple and when you get it you say well why didn't I think of that? Super useful, fits my tall, thin bottles of gel polish great. I was concerned it wouldn't be snug enough for them because they are skinny but it still works wonderfully. Is comfy on my fat little fingers (ring size 9.5). Definitely recommended.

  • C. K. - Great software, good price

    This software works really well. I can go through an interview process to fill in my tax entries, or go right to the appropriate form to fill in data, whichever I prefer. I usually fill in data as I receive it in the mail, then eventually go back to using the interview to make sure I didn't forget anything. It's very easy to use and covers all of my types of tax needs.

  • venus2pluto - I think it's great

    I can't have real cheddar, and I'm allergic to soy, but I LOVE cheese... and this fits the bill quite nicely. I use the cheddar shreds in my omelets, and it tastes like american cheese because it's not a "sharp" cheddar flavor, but it's still good. I used some on a sandwich and melted it in the microwave, and it tasted even better than typical american slices. I give it a 5/5.

  • R. Swan - Is a scam

    Just a scam like all the other products like this. Did nothing that was described in the advertising pamphlet. Don't waste your money !!