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Combat Aging... Anti-aging strategies for achieving lifelong fitness and health - Veteran consultant fed up with anti-aging hype, exposes the myths about aging. Discover how thousands of people combat aging, getting fitter, leaner, and stronger than they ever thought possible.

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  • Mark Evans - Great thermometer

    This Thermmeter is indeed a great product that helps in measuring of temperature differs from a temperature taken on the forehead or ear. This allows me to be super fast at taking a temp with out having to hold them still while you put a thermometer in a place they don't want you to put anything. This is easy to use and the numbers are nice and big so there is no guessing or getting out the reading glasses to see it. I am so glad that technology has come this far to make taking a temperature a painless process. The forehead reading was instant, painless and accurate. That is major when dealing with a child (or adult) who does not feel well. You need to see how high the temp. is and quickly. Really, just bring it to the center of the forehead and press F1.

  • B. R. Smith - Gave it away...then it was returned...

    This is a good case, but very difficult to get on or off. I suspect it would cause more damage had it been installed and reinstalled, since I like to change my cases on a regular cycle. I gave it away after my initial impression and after a few days, it was given back.