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  • Dwayne - Great looking addition.

    Took 10 minutes to replace. The stock required a little bit of tongue biting but it came out without too much drama. Going back in was easy. It sits flush and tight. Only had it on for over a week now but if it changes I will update the review.

  • Joe Stafura - Should have Business Book by a Great Thinker

    Good book from a smart guy. I can see why it was influential, although nothing in it was really "new" at the time. Some advice is just silly. Very high quality book, though. If you are in business and read anything longer than an HBR article it's a win.

  • happygirl - It's my favorite. Leaves your hair so soft and has been ...

    I think I am going on my third jar of this. It's my favorite. Leaves your hair so soft and has been recommened by so many people! Also, the price here is amazing. Target sells it for $30 and I went into a boutique by the beach and they were selling it for $55!!! I couldn't believe it.

  • staceyr - I installed and now have no working version of Quicken

    I do not recommend purchasing this product. I was running Quicken Deluxe 2011 and decided to upgrade so I don't get too far out of date. I now have no working version on my computer.

  • Carolyn Evangelista - Loved it!

    Penelope Douglas does not disappoint!! This book gave me all the feels!! Loved Misha and Ryen!! She gave just the right amount of romance and set in this book. I liked how she put the cameo of characters from her Corrupt book. Great book!!

  • Angela M. - Meredith could've died but she survived!!

    Exciting storyline. Filmed from Meredith's point of view, we heard and saw what she heard and saw (or couldn't hear). This episode showed her strength and her humanity. It also showed Alex's devotion of her. I have a feeling that's gonna cause problems in the future.

  • mike m. - Props for service

    First set of 4 was packed poorly in a oversized box with nothing between them. Not surprisingly, they got jostled and 2 of them were damaged, seals broken, chemical everywhere (no, it's not hazmat). But in typical amazon fashion, they hustled out two replacements free of charge, and just a quickly. So the 5 stars is for service. As for the product, I put them in a basement with dehumidifiers running to, so who can tell?