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  • H. J. Matthews - Only as good as the battery

    This is an outstanding charger. It's not the cheapo wall unit that holds only four batteries. This Energizer Family Charger holds twice as many batteries, and many more types. Even better, it can deliver a different level of charge to different batteries of the same type - so it's OK to charge your new Eneloop AA's along side your exhausted Duracell AA's. And those four fill just half of the charger. In the other half you can charge AAA, C, D, or even 9V batteries at the same time. And because it's a closed-lid device, the batteries are all kept in a single place protected from dust and ready to go at a moment's notice.

  • Lisa - To the medical professional

    I really want to reply to the "medical professional" who did his own experiment. When he found significantly more bacterial growth on the Norwex cloth vs. A regular wash cloth. His finding were obviously not peer reviewed as a person with a BS I can see the the Norwex would have more bacteria growth as it picks us more bacteria! That's what it is spades to do. There for the Norwex cloths ARE Doing what they are supposed to ñ that is pick up gems!

  • Aidan Reilly - Oh, Mary!

    This would undoubtedly be a five-star product were it not for one tiny little detail - that most unrewarding of female supporting leads, Mary Magdalene. True, Joanna Ampil does have a very pretty voice.

  • Norma S - Really Good Dandruff Control

    My niece really likes this dandruff shampoo. She likes the same brand but apple scented even better.