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Med-Fit | Denver Medical Weight Loss Clinic | Diet & Nutritionist - Dr. Angela Tran and her team offer weight loss programs at the Denver center with nutrition, diet, exercise training & body contouring physician supervised.

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  • Mase Of Base - Fantastic Accounting sofware!

    We have been using Sage to help run our family business for a couple years now. It's reliable and easy to use. The interface is perfect and the program itself is a breeze to use. No glitches in any of the software we have used this past year. Even if you do have a question the customer service at Sage is very helpful and they solved my miniscule issue within seconds. Very cool. Highly recommend Sage Accounting.

  • Scott Miller - DO NOT BUY THIS!

    avoid this product. The licensing system is a broken scam. I have spent over a $1000 on this program over the years and I can't access any of my previous versions even though I have the keys and the downloaded file. You have to pay them every year for nothing more than the ability to download the program. Even if you purchase their protection scam, you STILL have to have the original program you installed back in 2005, then run upgrades on that program.

  • J-Max - Mildly disappointed

    Here are the stats. In fairness, I'm only about half way through, but the law of large numbers suggests that my luck is unlikely to change.

  • Damon Bolt - It Just Works!

    Plain & simple, this stuff works. I've been taking MasterBrain for nearly 2 weeks now & my day-to-day level of productivity has increased greatly. Before I was a coffee before workout, coffee mid morning & occasional coffee in the afternoon in hopes that it would keep me focused. With MasterBrain, I'll take them upon waking & over the course of a morning I'll maybe drink a whole cup, & I have no problems at all being able to sit down & get projects/tasks done without losing my train of thought. In my opinion, regarding the AM, MasterBrain definitely increases mental clarity, focus and - not necessarily energy like a pre-workout would give you - a natural, heightened sense of being alert.

  • Elle Hunt - Loved it for my legs... super close shave!

    I am surprised how well this shaves legs! I bought it thinking I could "touch up" before boating. I hate having freshly shaved legs in contact with salt water, so I assumed this would make them look good but not be as close a shave. Wrong! This is pretty darn close. Only saving grace is that it doesn't seem to shave the skin like a traditional razor does.

  • lightweight - Good product....terrible customer support.

    I have been an acronis true image user for about 4 years. I upgraded to the 2015 version back on Sept 17, 2014 (purchased directly from Acronis). The updated interface is straightforward and very user friendly. It's also nice that they included Universal Restore by default now (it used to be an add on).