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  • Amazon Customer - These are good pair of compression Knee Sleeves

    These are good pair of compression Knee Sleeves. I use them for squats or lunges. The material of these sleeves is premium and they provide heat to the knee that help in not feeling the pain while lifting or doing heavy workout. The reason i am giving them 4 stars is that these sleeves are too thick and they get wet with the sweat after only 15 minutes of use. Other than that, this is good product to buy if you are looking for Knee Sleeves

  • Joseph Day - Great Value for this price point

    These headphones were my first in the Bluetooth space and I think they are an excellent value at this price point. The battery life was very good and I could almost make it a week just listening to them during my hour long workouts. I imagine I could also make it through a full work day if I listened at work. Charging is simple and the red/blue lights are easy to see so you know when its charged. With iOS 10, the battery level is indicated on the phone as well. The fins are useful, especially when working out, at keeping them in your ears. Regarding sound quality, I thought they were pretty good for an entry level pair. I found them to be adequate to my Apple earbuds, but I also like the idea of ambient noise coming in like with the Apple earbuds. When you're listening, I would say these have a decent to good noise cancelling effect. When the volume is off or low, its okay, but not what you get with most as advertised noise cancelling pairs. For me I generally like that, but the trade off is when you have less of a seal, you have less bass and the sound isn't as good as its going to be with a true seal from noise cancelling earbuds. Additionally, as reference, I also have Jaybird X2's and these aren't in that league. The volume level is certainly better with the TaoTronics, so that could lead to better batter in the long run I suppose, but the bass can't compete if you have a good seal with the X2's (or Beats, which I have owned as well). That said, they are still very clear, loud and generally stay put in your ear, so for the money, they work just fine. The X2's dropped in price to $79.99 though, so if you can make it to that price point, you would be better served to skip these. But if you are looking for an inexpensive, yet quality pair, these really are great. The magnet lock is a nice plus too and I haven't had any pairing issues or any issues with a loss of signal, though they don't have great range, so keep your phone close.

  • Faith E Sprague - ACT! is a TERRIBLE company and product.

    The second the salesperson took my credit card, they told me I had 30 days of service to help me install and get it up and running. LIES! I installed it myself and when the first task I tried to complete, emailing, did not sync correctly, I was told I had to spend more money for a service contract. They have refused to answer a single question for me without me giving them more money. Yes, of course I have gone through the tutorials. Correctly I might add. But even in the first week, they refused ... REFUSED to answer a single question and told me to go to the online community chat. Trust me, it is filled with other people who hate this company. If I could rate it a ZERO I would.

  • Dana K. Todd - It's my nightly ritual

    I love Sleepytime. It's been my nightly ritual for years, and knocks me out like a narcotic I swear. I like that it's a natural way to go to sleep, and I like to think it also helps destress me because I do get a very good deep sleep. I'm usually out within half an hour of a single cup. (Faster if I'm watching the news haha).

  • HomeSweetRoam - No radio signal loss, and no worries about trees when off roading.

    Tossed this on my Jeep so I wouldn't have to worry about the OEM antenna when off road in the woods. I figured I could trade radio signal for not having trees smack a bigger one around into my windshield or something else. Turns out, the radio works just the same! Awesome product and I honestly don't know why they aren't a stock part!