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Pediatrician Tucson, AZ | Pediatric Care - Our Tucson based pediatrician Dr. Duane Dyson specializes in healthcare for children, toddlers and babies. If you are in the Phoenix/Arizona area, schedule an appointment at our office.

  • http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/about-us/ Children's Doctor Tucson, AZ | About Dr. Duane Dyson - Top Children’s Doctor Dr. Duane Dyson always builds relationships with his patients. Dyson Pediatrics is always ready to meet the evolving healthcare needs of the patients and provide access to high quality pediatric services. His practice offers a host of fun activities for children to enjoy as they start feeling better, including skating, bowling, swim lessons and more.
  • http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/service-and-information/ Children's Doctor Tucson, AZ | Tips for Parents - Tucson, AZ's Family Doctor Duane Dyson always shares useful information regarding various children's illness, nutrition, skin care, allergies and more.
  • http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/service-and-information/allergy-skin-testing/ Allergy Skin Testing Tucson, AZ | Allergy Testing Arizona - Dr. Duane Dyson offers allergy skin testing in his office for children in Tucson, Arizona. If you are a parent of a child who is over the age of two, consider our top pediatrician for proper pediatric care.
  • http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/service-and-information/antibiotics-facts-you-should-know/ Dyson Pediatrics Tucson, AZ | Use Of Antibiotics - Each antibiotic has its own spectrum of action as it has effect only upon certain microorganisms that are sensitive to it. The dosage, frequency of use, duration and contraindications vary depending on certain medication. Top Tucson Pediatrician Dr. Dyson can determine what antibiotics are needed for a specific disease of your child.
  • http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/service-and-information/autism/ Pediatrician Tucson, AZ | Autism Resources - Top Tucson Kid's Doctor Duane Dyson believes that it is important to determine diagnosis of Autism in children as early as possible. Early consultation and early treatment makes it possible to reduce the disease activity. On the Dyson Pediatrics site, you can find many links to various Autism resources.
  • http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/service-and-information/benadryldiphenhydramine-doses/ Dyson Pediatrics Arizona | Benadryl Dosages - Top Tucson Pediatrician Dr. Dyson provides useful Benadryl dosage chart for parents and their children. Benadryl/diphenhydramine dosing frequency is every four to six hours. He notes that the medication may cause drowsiness or excitability.
  • http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/breastfeeding-friendly-practice/ Breastfeeding Friendly Practice, AZ | Breastfeeding Friendly Practice - Children's Doctor Duane Dyson believes that one of the most important factors in helping his patients to live a healthy life is building a close relationship with their newborns.
  • http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/service-and-information/fluoride-varnish/ Fluoride Varnish FAQs | Dyson Pediatrics Tucson, AZ - Top Pediatrician in the Tucson area Dr. Duane Dyson explain whether it is safe to use fluoride varnish. Please visit our website to know more about fluoride varnish.
  • http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/service-and-information/circumcision/ Circumcision in Arizona | Circumcision Doctor Tucson, AZ - Dr. Duane Dyson offers circumcision procedure in his office for children in Tucson, Arizona. Consider our top pediatrician for proper pediatric care.
  • http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/service-and-information/trained-night-crier/ Children's Doctor Tucson, AZ | Training Babies To Sleep - Top Tucson Family Doctor Duane Dyson believes that it is very important for parents to train their baby to fall asleep at night on its own. Parents should place the child in a crib when he is still awake. Here are a few tips on how to do this.
  • http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/service-and-information/trained-night-feeder/ Trained Night Feeder | Children’s Doctor Tucson, AZ - Сonsult with Dr. Duane Dyson to learn about what makes a newborn a trained night feeder.
  • http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/service-and-information/fever-and-pain-medication-doses/ Tucson's Kid's Doctor | How to Reduce Fever - There are two common fevers medication known as acetaminophen (Tylenol, Tempra and Generics) and ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin and Generics). Top Family Doctor Duane Dyson says they are a good way to relieve pain and reduce almost any fever symptoms. Liquid, chewable and suppository forms are available. You can check the dosage chart on Dr. Dyson's site.
  • http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/service-and-information/home-treatment-of-fever/ Treating Fevers at Home | Home Treatment of Fever - Fever reducing medicines such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen interfere in a temperature rising process. Arizona Pediatrician Dr. Duane Dyson notes these medications are especially helpful and favourable for child's health when the temperature goes down. He also advises to give your child more water or watered-down juice. This will improve heat emission in your child and will lower harmful influence of bacteria and viruses.
  • http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/service-and-information/fever-home-care/ Child Fever Care | Home Remedies For Fever - It sometimes happens that your loved one complains that he or she is not feeling well. What should you do if your baby has a fever? To help understand how to diagnose a fever and how to make your child comfortable, read Tucson, AZ Pediatrician Dr. Dyson's advices.
  • http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/service-and-information/fever-how-to-take-a-temperature/ Arizona Family Doctor | Taking A Temperature - When you are taking your child's temperature, try to limit his/her movements. There are a few different types of thermometers you can use when checking your kid's body temperature: rectal thermometer, oral thermometer and forehead thermometer. Detailed instructions on how to properly use them you can find on Dr. Duane Dyson's website.
  • http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/service-and-information/fever-making-your-child-comfortable/ Kid's Doctor Tucson, AZ | Children’s Fever - It is difficult to remain calm when your child suffers from a fever. However there is no need to panic, since the high temperature is a sign that his/her body is fighting an infection. At Dyson Pediatrics site you can find out what symptoms you should pay attention to and how to help your child feel comfortable. If you are looking for a kid’s doctor in Tucson, make Dyson Pediatrics your number one choice.
  • http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/service-and-information/fever-understanding-a-fever/ Children's Doctor Tucson, AZ | What Is A Fever - Top Pediatrician Dr. Duane Dyson states that fevers are mostly the result of an infectious disease. The immune system detects a bacteria or virus and sends a chemical message to the temperature center of the brain, and, as a result, the internal body temperature rises. If you are worried, you can visit our Children’s doctor in Tucson, Arizona.
  • http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/service-and-information/flying-with-your-child/ Top Tucson Pediatric Center | Tips for Flying with Kids - Parents should prepare for a long flight with their loved ones. Little passengers always demand greater attention and care on board a flight. Tucson Family Doctor Duane Dyson gives some tips when flying with your child and what you may need during the flight.
  • http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/service-and-information/physical-exams/ Physical Exams Arizona | Annual Checkups For Children Tucson - Our pediatrician Dr. Duane Dyson performs annual examinations in children to detect any potential health issues. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Dyson to make sure your child is healthy and learn about how you can help improve your child's health.
  • http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/service-and-information/handling-a-poison-emergency/ Types of Poisoning Emergencies | Dyson Pediatrics, Arizona - If you are looking for information about handling a poison emergency feel free to visit the website of Top Pediatrician in the Tucson Dr. Dyson.
  • http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/service-and-information/potty-pointers/ Kid's Doctor Tucson, AZ | Start Potty Training - If you are thinking hard and for a long time of potty training your child, you should do the following: First, buy a potty (you can involve your child in the process of choosing it). You should be as patient as possible since potty training your baby is not a one month job. Do not be lazy and do not stop training. Follow potty training tips given by Top Tucson Family Doctor Duane Dyson and your child will soon go potty without your help.
  • http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/service-and-information/rules-of-poop/ Family Doctor Tucson, AZ | All about Children's Stool - Parents know what is normal when it comes to baby poop. Tucson Top Pediatrician Dr. Duane Dyson shares 'Rules of Poop'. He says that it is very important to pay attention to any given dirty diaper because it can help you determine the diet that is necessary for your child.
  • http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/service-and-information/vaccines/ Vaccines For Children Arizona | Immunization Tucson - If you are looking for a children's doctor in Tuscon, AZ, consider our pediatrician Dr. Duane Dyson. Dr. Dyson an experienced pediatrician who can help prevent illness and help treat your child if they are sick.
  • http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/service-and-information/vomiting-and-diarrhea-home-care/ Dyson Pediatrics Tucson, AZ | Vomiting and Diarrhea in Children - Vomiting and diarrhea in children can be a symptom of various sicknesses. Tucson Kids' Doctor notes that the most common cause of these conditions is an infection caused by a virus. Bring your child in for a diagnosis as early as possible if the vomiting and diarrhea are severe and continue.

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  • Shawn West - the ear buds themself are nice and comfy.

    Been using these for the last few days. they fit around my ears with out any problems. the ear buds themself are nice and comfy. you do get some additional size ear buds depending on your ear size. They are charged by usb which a cable is supplied in the box. there is a power on/off/pair button on the wire and a volume up and down button as well. To pair the device just hold in the power button and voice in the headphones will say pairing, tecknet g940 wil come up on the phone, once its connected a voice with tell you its connected. there is a mic in the control button so you can also use it to make calls. music plays well not as good as the top of the range head phones, but still a good sound comes from them.

  • Maine Reviews - Cool!

    My daughter loves her new watch . These things are pretty cool . Crazy how a kids smartwatch is this price and adults have to pay hundreds maybe thousands for one. I do not like the feature of the on /off switch this is actually a reset switch and labeled wrong. The display cases they come with are really cool and keep the watch safe. I am looking into getting a screen protector for it. UPS actually lost the first watch and Amazon replaced immediately . Thanks Amazon ! Thanks Santa !

  • Andrew Garcia - I really love this case

    I really love this case. The black color makes it the phone seem very elegant. I'm glad that it does not make the phone to bulky like other cases. Keep it up Spigen.

  • Fishy007 - Not paying $50 for a rental

    Media publishers these days seem to think that we consumers should be renting published works instead of purchasing them. The Draconian DRM used in Spore seems to hammer this point home.

  • Martin R. Richardson - Doesn't Work

    This product is not compatable with the new windows 7.0, I have spent a lot of time and money trying to get this to work IT DOES NOT WORK. I have complained to Intuit who put you on hold forever and I speak to people with accents so thick we can't understand each other. AMAZON I apperciate the service you provide but for your own reputation STOP selling an item that does not work. If you don't believe me read the reviews on your own website