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EditionedArt Magazine - Discover the world's best artists and learn about the wonderful world of prints. EditionedArt sells the widest selection of limited edition prints and photographs. Choose from a variety of styles, sizes and prices. Whether you want to start a collection or expand one, the prefect work of art is just within reach.

  • http://www.editionedartmag.com/contact/ Contact « EditionedArt Magazine - EditionedArt is a contemporary art gallery selling limited edition prints and photographs. Choose from a large curated selection of fine art by emerging and established artists from prestigious galleries. Affordable fine art within reach.
  • http://www.editionedartmag.com/contributors/emotional-documentary-andy-pilara%E2%80%99s-photography-collection Emotional Documentary-Andy Pilara’s Photography Collection « EditionedArt Magazine - The Pilara Foundation invites the public, twenty persons at a time, to experience photography without the distraction of wall labels, the shuffle of feet, or the hustle of museums on a weekend. With 28,000 square feet of exhibition space, Pier 24 promotes photography and its manifestations through exhibitions, scholarship and programming. The goal is to foster a deeper understanding of the medium. urrently, the Pilara Foundation is in the programming stage and acts as a think tank for the entire photographic community with a special interest in what is happening in San Francisco. The Foundation endorses photography outside of their exhibitions by sponsoring artist lectures at universities and hosting round table discussions. The next exhibition at Pier 24 is the photography collection of Bob Fisher, the son of Gap founder Donald Fisher. Unlike Pilara, Bob Fisher has been collecting for 30 years. The exhibition is planned in conjunction with the exhibition of the Donald Fisher Collection at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. It opens in September and will have a considerably longer run (six months) than this inaugural show.
  • http://www.editionedartmag.com/contributors/virual-studio-visit-to-sir-peter-blakes-print-studio Virtual Studio Visit to Sir Peter Blake’s Print Studio « EditionedArt Magazine - Courtesy Christie's A visit to the celebrated British artist’s printmaking studio, in which he discusses the ‘trunk and branches’ of his practice,
  • http://www.editionedartmag.com/contributors/5265 WOMEN IN PRINT: A Panel Discussion « EditionedArt Magazine - This new dialogue brings together female artists, curators and directors to discuss issues of media advancements that rewrite women into the history of
  • http://www.editionedartmag.com/contributors/for-print-lovers-and-collectors For Print Lovers and Collectors « EditionedArt Magazine - Listen to Jordan Schnitzer talk about new technologies impacting the printmaking world and why the print market is a great area to focus on for beginning

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  • theUncraftyMama - Cute kids read

    You Are Not Small is a cute read ref opposites in a very Dr. Seuss fashion with super cute illustrations.

  • My Favorite Pastime - the candidate

    Erica Sparks is still working for GNN. Her ratings are doing well and now she is set to cover the next presidential election. Mike Ortiz was a former prisoner of war in Iraq who miraculously escaped his captors. Now Mike is one of the presidential hopefuls. Erica always seems to be in the perfect spot to catch the latest headlines. When one of the other candidates and his wife are killed in a bombing, Erica witnesses it firsthand. In the midst of her investigation Erica gets an inkling that there is something mechanical and fake about Mike and his wife Celeste. Once more Erica's life is put on the line for her job, will she be able to prove her fears or, die trying?

  • Keyon W. - Solid album. Worth a listen ALL THE WAY THROUGH....

    I am a J. Cole fan. Have been since the Warm-up. With that being said this is a solid album through and through. If you enjoyed any of his album minus Sideline story (sorry that was his weakest effort to me) and his mixtapes, you wouldn't want to miss this album. I was surprised to see a new release from him, pleasantly surprised I must say. I really enjoyed the listen. Love his transparency, that what makes me a fan. That really shines on this album. There are a couple songs I couldn't get into such as....G.O.M.D and Hello. I understand their message, just didn't sink in with me. I skip those now. Other than those songs, I can play it front to back. The reason I didn't give this a 5 star rating was because I don't deem this a classic record. The warm-up is classic to me. I would have gave it 4.5 stars but you can't unfortunately. For the Cole fans, GET IT! Support your man because other than Kendrick Lamar there really isn't any mainstream artist with anything worth listening to nowadays. I've lost hope for this "New hip-hop" but because of J Cole and Kendrick I still have a blimp of hope for its future. If you're not a fan, shame on you. You missing out on the REAL!

  • Amazon Customer - Very easy to use and image is real HD1080P!!

    Easy to use and a very fascinating gadget. I purchased some items before which were 1080P,but the image quality is definitely NOT! This time I looked at many different items when comparing and decided to go with this one - and I'm glad I did! Opened it up, charged it(I used it to charge my phone, it works perfectly),insert a 32G SD card,(I used a Sandic 32 C10) and a little over an hour later was testing out and pretty amazed at the results.,the image is real 1080P.

  • T. Moffett - It stinks!

    I mean actual smell, not quality! It has a very strong chemical smell. I had to keep it outside on the patio for over a week before I could stomach using it regularly. I want to add, though, it is VERY comfortable! Once you get past the smell, you'll really enjoy it!

  • Laurel jones - LOVE IT

    I have been natural for about 6 months with 4b/c hair. THERES ALOT OF IT! But when I started school I noticed that my edges started thinning because of life's stresses... SADNESS!!! But after going to the doctor and using vitamin E I began to see growth. With more hair I needed a thicker balm that was still giving me the growing power. I have tried alot, and even thought about not using a balm because that's what most naturals say to do, but my hair LOVES a goooood balm. It makes my scalp tingle and my hair is better than ever!

  • Kimberly K. Browne - BEST protein shake out there

    I LOVE Body by Vi shake mix. It tastes good, & has everything you need in it. I love that I can buy it with Prime---because it saves me $20 on shipping every other month. That's $120 a year (which more than pays for the Prime). I love this stuff.