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  • Pla77 - Sold me on the Kinect

    I purchased the Kinect as a gift but they turned it down due to a lack of space. So, I didn't really want it either as it seemed like a fun gimmick (that was the idea of the gift just a fun gimmick). I tried the Adventure Sports game and thought it was fun but not really targeted to my age. So I picked this up on sale because I was on an exercise kick.

  • Alice - Wide variety of humor

    This calendar is amusing with a wide variety of humor. This year is a slightly updated design, with a more modern and sleek look which is nice. They did away with the back pages, which is sad-- the quizzes and brainteasers were entertaining (though the lists for babysitters and what to buy on sale when were exceptionally lame). I would love to see them add separate entries for Saturday and Sunday.

  • D. Lipsitz - Software specific device

    The Earthmate GPS LT-40 by DeLorme is NOT a new product, in fact it's been around since at least 2007 when I bought mine. It came bundled with DeLorme's Street Atlas 2008. Also, users of Vista or Windows 7 should be aware that the LT-40 is software specific to DeLorme applications only, it will not work with any other software. Also, there are considerable problems with running the software and using the device under 64 bit versions of these OS's. Do not, under any circumstances, download the DeLorme Serial Emulator onto any machine with a later OS than Windows XP 32 bit SP2, as it will simply generate repeated errors until you uninstall it.

  • Duane - Excellent value cam that's easy to use

    This is a good value video camera. It is capable of recording in both full HD and HD. The picture quality in both modes is excellent but the full HD mode does consume memory at a signficant rate. It also makes the files large and difficult to share.