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Evangelische Studierendengemeinde Kassel - Kirche, Freizeit und Seelsorge in der Evangelischen Studierendengemeinde an der Uni Kassel

  • http://www.esg-kassel.de/termine/details/2066-salsa-tanzkurse-tanz-dich-fit Termine - Salsa Tanzkurse - Tanz dich fit - Es findet am 31.10.2016 die Veranstaltung Salsa Tanzkurse - Tanz dich fit statt
  • http://www.esg-kassel.de/termine/details/2022-esg-gottesdienst Termine - ESG Gottesdienst mit Abendmahl - Es findet am 02.11.2016 die Veranstaltung ESG Gottesdienst mit Abendmahl statt
  • http://www.esg-kassel.de/termine/details/2055 Termine - MUSICAL „Bonhoeffers große Liebe - die unerhörte Geschichte der Maria von Wedemeyer“ - Es findet am 05.11.2016 die Veranstaltung MUSICAL „Bonhoeffers große Liebe - die unerhörte Geschichte der Maria von Wedemeyer“ statt

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    City: 6.1833 North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

  • Woojin Cho - Perfect for home

    Good enough horse power, quiet enough, easy to move, very convenient switches for speed and inclination, precise heart rate transfer, MP3 player attachable, cool fan, and fancy board. Stongly recommend this to anybody hope to work out at their home. (Just one Warning! When you are supposed to assmble it by yourself, don't release the velcro strap until you read the pink paper in it! It can be dangerous!)

  • Amazon Customer - Just as fun as you would think

    I love this lumee case!!! I'm a makeup artist and it perfect for taking pictures of my clients makeup when they're done. Also, just great for those nights out so you don't have to use the harsh, never flattering flash! Get this!!

  • milady_winter - Does the job

    I had significant amount of residue henna in my long naturally-blonde hair. This shampoo does the trick. Does not take the red out completely (duh) - but turns brassy into cooler strawberry-blonde shade.

  • Mike L. - which is nice. Sound is good for $30 headphones

    Comes with 3 sets of silicone earbuds, which is nice. Sound is good for $30 headphones. Offers decent bass for most types of music. Only thing I would complain is how the volume control pad dangles and tugs while I'm working out at the gym.