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  • Shaina Smith - Glad I didn't pay full price

    Book was stated to not have any markings, but all end of chapter review answers are filled in with pencil.

  • summer plus - love this producg

    I used to take the capsules but now I am taking the gummies. So much easier for me than swallowing capsules. My skin and hair have really benefited. And my blood sugar has normalized while before it was a little high.

  • MartiH - May be good for tax lawyers or accounts, but not regular tax payers

    I was looking for a guide to filing my taxes; something that told me what qualifies someone as a dependent, what deductions I could take, etc. Just normal tips so I could file my taxes without paying someone $30-50 to do it. This book is so obscure that's it's practically useless.

  • Penny - eye cream

    It works pretty well I think. Of course, nothing is going to take away all those crinkles, but this makes the situation better at least.

  • Tina - it works!!!!!

    I love this product, I cant live without it! I had terrible acne as well as scars and it cleared up my acne within two weeks. However as for the scars there are slowly fading away. I don't use the retinol complex in the package because i don't like the way it feels on myskin. I would recommend this to anyone who have severe acne. THIS STUFF WORKS. TRY IT!! USE a moisturizer with it as well! it can be drying but oily skin is the cause to breakouts!

  • Rebecca J. DeWitt - This product is a filler. Yes, it will ...

    This product is a filler. Yes, it will work. It will make you feel full and therefore you will loose weight. It's not a miracle, it's not going to save your life. If you take the pills and drink water you'll feel full. Metamucil will do the same thing.

  • Jeremy L. - great having pretty much everything on my wrist ready to ...

    really enjoying this watch more than i thought i would. great having pretty much everything on my wrist ready to go without having to pull out my phone. I got the Neo watch face which has everything directly on the dial and works great.