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FK Group - Full building envelope, roofing, cladding, glazing - FK Group is a national, full building envelope contractor, specialising in roofing, cladding, glazing and maintenance across a diverse range of sectors.

  • http://www.fkgroup.co.uk/services/roofing/ Roofing - FK Group - FK Group has its origins in the roofing sector and commercial roofing remains a core part of our business, with a range of metal roofing systems installed across a variety of sectors and building types.

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  • Martin Cunningham - Good battery life

    I work out a lot, and my wired headphones are always getting tangled. Sometimes the wires will pull on a piece of equipment and send my phone or ipod flying. I was tired of being "tied up", so I decided to try the bluetooth wireless Sport Headsets Earbuds w/ APT-X Tech, Built-in Mic for Sports/Running/Gym/Exercise, Compatible with iPhone and Android. I personally have an android phone, but I also have an ipod. It works on both, which is fantastic. They came really nicely packaged, as you can see from my photos. It comes with over-the-ear hooks, which are great for keeping the buds in place when being active. It also comes with extra ear bud tips and a nice mesh carrying case. The ergonomical design allows you to easily adjust them to firmly hold the earbuds in your ears. I feel confident that they will not fall out when working out. I can also switch out the size of the earbuds to make them fit better and more comfortably. The instructions were very clear and it was really easy to set up. You just have to charge them up, turn on the power, and pair them to your device via bluetooth. There are on-board controls on the right earbud that make it easy to navigate through your music without pulling your device out. The upgraded V4.1 technology allows me to go up to 39ft away from my device and they will still work - this means I can leave it in my purse while I work out and walk around the gym! Talk about freedom! What is even more awesome is that you can pair these with 2 bluetooth enabled devices simultaneously. This is great because I have an android phone and an ipod. The sound is really high quality. The advanced APT-X tech headset delivers high fidelity and dynamic sound with rich, deep bass. I listen to a lot of rap when I work out, so this is key. The highs and mid are also very good with a variety of other music styles. This is a very long lasting battery - about 5 hours of straight playing time. It has a rechargeable polymer lithium battery. I'm very happy with this product and it truly brings my workouts to the next level!

  • Amazon Customer - Most comfortable seat for tall tots (and no head slump)

    Love, love! Had many carseats and these are close to perfect. Great removable fabric that breathes well and doesn't overheat in summer. The straps are comfy and glide smoothly. Our boys are tall and the fit is great. You can also get a great recline in the forward position to prevent head slump. The head rest is also narrow enough to support the sleeping tot without being to tight on each side. I cannot say enough about how plush this is. I hear it is the same seat as the Safety 1st seats. I can see that it is a similar frame and seat strap/buckle, because we have a safety 1st seat like this, but the plushness is not the same. These are way more cushioned and worth the money. My only complaint is the buckle is too close to the body. There is a cover over the buckle which helps, but I wish you could adjust it to be further out.

  • Andrew M. - Awesome Phone Case!

    This is a very cool case! The color combination with the black and silver is very sharp and sleek. The case seems very durable even for the short amount of time I have had the case. The best part about it is the card carrying slot. It makes this case absolutely perfect for going somewhere that you don't want to take your wallet. Beach, bar, club, anywhere! You can even fit a little bit of money in there. This thing is great and highly recommended for someone with an iphone 7!

  • d barns - This product is very good on dry hair

    This product is very good on dry hair. It restores dry and unmanageable hair, makes it silky and nice warm shine. You need only a little bit.

  • Buckeye Dreams - Works like a charm

    I am Restoration and Maintenance man for a museum with two historic homes. Before wet and forget I spent at least a week, two or three times a year, pressure washing the moss off our limestone terraces, steps and walkways and the moss would start growing back immediately. In the two years since I started using Wet & Forget I have spent maybe two hours spraying the affected areas. More importantly, the limestone looks better, stays clean much longer and is not damaged by the high pressure water.