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  • mch1brg - Inexpensive, portable and easy to use but not the cleanest power

    We purchased this recently during a weeklong power outage and selected Next Day shipping from Amazon. The primary purpose for this generator was to run our furnace and keep the house warm while the main power was out (We lost power for 5 days). We have a high efficiency Carrier furnace with an onboard computer that takes around 1800 watts during startup then settles down to around 800 watts when running. The furnace did not like the power from the generator and instantly displayed an error message when connected. After doing some research, the error message had something to do with power levels being out of range. I ended up connecting a volt/ohm meter to the generator and the voltage would fluctuate +- 10 volts with a load around 1000 watts. I don’t have the equipment available to check hertz but I suspect they were fluctuating above and below 60 as well. For some items like light bulbs, fans and maybe a standard refrigerator (without a lot of fancy electronics) the fluctuations would probably be fine. We ended up borrowing a Honda 1000-watt inverter generator from a friend and the furnace ran great. On top of that, the Honda generator only used ¾ of a gallon of gas after 9 hours of running the furnace. When the furnace was not running the Honda generator would return to an idle. It was hard at times to even know if the generator was running because it was so quiet. However, the Honda EU1000i generator runs between $800 and $1200 so the clean power defiantly comes with a price.

  • robert evans - Wow scary!

    I was thinking about upgrading my copy of PS. Haven't even looked at the CC program and refuse to for the time being. This is crazy for the end user and businesses (like me) that use the program only occasionally. I got a feeling though that the whole software industry will go this route eventually. In this case, it makes sense for Adobe to take the lead because they are in a position to dictate change...they have a product that everybody knows and respects and a huge customer base. So, they can take the risk and lose a bunch of infrequent users, it's an easy revenue stream and is a guarantee to lock the remaining customers in. Makes sense for large organizations and individuals to go this route who use the program a lot but not for the rest of us. For now and out of principle, I am going to use my current version until I can't, then look for alternatives. By then, we all may have no choice but to subscribe :(

  • Amanda - It works!!

    The it woks thermofit is amazing! It's great for women and men. This is extremely expensive though. You can get it a lot cheaper www.annandamanda.myitworks.com by becoming a loyal customer as well as earn cash back on every purchase (perk points) Check around before spending too much.

  • RICK - Poor customer service

    Poor quality for the price, the floor posts do not line up on the 2013 Chevy equinox, it was off by 1/4 of an inch. Furthermore, poor customer service, offered to keep the mats at a discounted price, but they will not offer discounts. Very disappointed, I thought these were the best mats out there, guess I was wrong.

  • Michelle E. Winsor - The experience is excellent, but the mattress is VERY firm.

    After a TON of research on the available beds on the market right now, I felt that the Yogabed offered all of the features I was looking for in a mattress. We were extremely excited when it arrived and the experience of receiving the box, opening the mattress and getting things set up was wonderful. However, the bed was much firmer than I had anticipated! It works great for my husband who is a 6'4" 350# strongman, but my 130# frame feels like I'm sleeping on bricks. We ordered the mattress in November and have slept on it for almost two months now. I have lost more sleep in those months than over the course of my life! We're looking into other options and possibilities now and will be returning the Yogabed before our 101 day trial ends. I had such high hopes for this mattress and am disappointed with the actual product. I am still giving the review three stars though because their customer service and the experience with the company so far has been great, plus my husband said the bed is comfy for him even if it is a bit firm. Maybe a mattress topper would help....

  • Tammi Wesley - good book

    A very good book and study guide help to get us through school and state board in Alabama very good shape