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City: 126.9741 , Republic of Korea

  • Teddie Ratliff - SCAM!

    Well----I was crazy enough to place an order for the "30 day" free supply this am. I then go to my bank statement and find where I was charged for $189.00. Oh, how I wish I had read this page first. I will move heaven and earth to get this taken care of. I have notified my bank via email tonight and will go to the bank tomorrow to stop payment.

  • rjhartley12 - Awesome item

    This item came after my rival burnt up. I read all the ratings and did some really hard research. I picked this one after I got done I have to say I am not disappointed I use crockpots all the time. I needed one for a family of seven and was a work horse.This one does the job very very very pleased.

  • nurikabe - Fine modem if you don't mind the smell of slowly smoldering plastic...

    I recently had to move this modem to the basement because of the ever-present smell of burning plastic. Other than that I've been fairly happy with it, even on Comcast.