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Gastroenterology Specialists of Frederick, P.A. - A Screening Colonoscopy could save your life!Gastroenterology Specialists of Frederick, P.A. Frederick, Maryland

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  • Jessica - Great product!

    I recenty had a bout with Alopecia Areata and thought I would try this product and I am glad that I did. I noticed much less overall loss of hair with each washing! I am feeling hopeful that this really will make a big difference. I also have the Just Natural Alopecia Treatment and that works well too. Great products without the harsh chemicals.

  • James Rouse - A M A Z I N G!!!

    I was so tired of anti virus software taking up such huge memory and slowing my computer down while it ran in the background. I tried Webroot and the difference was Amazing. Small foot print in the back ground, caught all of the threats some of my other software missed, and I have not had any problems. I installed on my sons computer and you would not believe all of the threats it cleared, where avast would just deactivate threats, Webroot removed, and without all of the annoying pop ups. Best buy is multi-computer license, otherwise it is a little price for just one license. $79 for 15 months over 5 computers includes cell phones as well.

  • beaner - Have celiac disease or avoid gluten? STAY AWAY!!

    This product is listed as gluten free and I can tell you that it clearly is not under FDA regulation standards. I myself have celiac disease and within 3-4 days of taking this product all my symptoms of gluten poisoning began to appear. If you have a problem with gluten, do yourself a favor and stay away from this product.

  • Kimberly Patton - Solid resource, but lacking in sufficient explanations

    I was more impressed than not with this book, but with two issues major enough for me to consider buying/recommending a different book in the future:

  • DelphiniumFantasia - works for us!

    Bought this so I could take my newborn and my 2 year old around together. With this being my 5th baby, I wanted something lighter and able to put my car seat into. I have had the front to back double style in the past and it was heavy and harder to push/move around. Though those types can have bigger baskets to cary shopping and other items. It was too heavy and hard to move so we looked around for something lighter weight.

  • jennypoo - Waste of money

    I am willing to spend big bucks to get quality things that work. This is a real loss of money. However this was a gift so I gave it my all.