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  • success - Skin rashes_ Ex Brand partner

    I was a brand partner . I have the ability to outsell if not everybody just about everybody in the industry honestly, but I have moral standards to live by and paid back money to brand partners out of my own pocket who could not make it .

  • Pen Name - Better than regular buds

    They work just fine sound is clear and easy to adjust the volume, although they could fit a little tighter around the ears. I have not worn them running yet, so I don't know how the fit will handle the jogging movement, I only tested them inside.

  • KelleBelle - Though it doesn't clean out my white sink like a little bleach does

    Though it doesn't clean out my white sink like a little bleach does, this stuff is great for pans. It has more "tooth" to it than Bon Ami or Bartender's Friend for stuck-on egg and baked on casserole messes. I haven't had an issue with scratching, but I don't use it on delicate surfaces and I make sure to rinse my sponge well after use. Oh, and the smell! It smells like cherries; not strong like chemical smelly.

  • Lucinda Lewis - The Divine DanceTrinity by Fr. Richard Rohr

    Fr.Richard takes you deeper into the practical meaning of Trinity relationship of the Divine. He challenges the reader to rethink what has become comfortable and re-evaluate the way we are in relationship...with ourselves and with others. It is causing me to say, wow! I need to pay more attention. I need to move out of my solitude...clear the decks...and be ready to "allow"! Grateful for this insight...and have to admit, I don't get it all yet!. And it's not comfortable! It requires me to grow!

  • Amazon Customer - timeslips is horrible

    product is almost entirely unusable. it keeps getting worse and worse. its almost like they are trying to ruin their own business.