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Home - Coffee alternative that is safe and natural with mushrooms. Ganoderma lucidum is the scientific name for Red Mushrooms

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  • I (Heart) Good Stuff - Less than worthless

    I admit that I "bit" on the "free" sample and was charged $189 for not returning it within 30 days. Well, how would you know if a product worked if you didn't try it for more than 30 days? From what I could see in the two weeks that I tried the product, it "erased" a few lines with its mineral based foundation, but did nothing to moisturize my skin. In fact, I tossed it out after two weeks. If I want to pay big bucks for skin cream, I am going back to the Radical product line that actually works.

  • Linda - No Light at the end of the Light Relief Tunnel

    I ordered the Light Relief and first i was sent me a unit that didn't work, and had to pay to have it sent back and then two weeks later they sent me a replacement WITHOUT INCLUDING THE EXTRA PAD WHICH I NOT ONLY PAID FOR, BUT HAD RETURNED TO THE COMPANY.

  • j dog - J dog

    I think it works to a extent giving a old battery a boost it won't how ever make it new. It most definitely works i can tell the difference between the Battery Minder 2012 and a diffrent battery tender. I would pay more for this, at least 20 dollars, over the next tender right off the bat. Thanks!!!

  • Amazon Customer - Easy to use

    Love this product and I will never go back to pads or tampons. I used tampons for years, but there is always the stress of not having one on you, or bleeding through and having issues with your panties/clothing. Pads are crazy uncomfortable, and mostly like a diaper, so I avoid them in general. The Softcup has helped me get rid of leakage all together, keeps from having that musty smell happened while on your period, and is super comfortable so I don't notice it there at all. You can go 12 hours without having to remove it, and when you do take it out you can wash it then replace so you aren't creating excess waste overall. It takes a couple times to get used to inserting and removing it, but once you have that figured out this is a breeze (follow the directions very closely because they do a good job describing the process). The harder plastic ring makes insertion and removal a breeze, and is still flexible enough to allow movement without discomfort. I tried Diva Cup and similar products and hated them because the material is too flimsy and slippery, they are supper hard to put in and removal can have pinching and suction that makes it tough to get out. Softcup all the way for a good re-usable but disposable option!