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Groupcall | Communication & Data Management Solutions - Groupcall provides trusted communication, data and identity management solutions for the education, public and business sectors. Discuss your needs today.

  • http://www.groupcall.com/product/messenger Groupcall Messenger | School Management Software - Groupcall Messenger is used by over 5,000 schools in the UK. Send personalised messages to parents, staff and students. Request a free trial today.
  • http://www.groupcall.com/product/emerge Groupcall Emerge | Student Information System - Groupcall Emerge is the flexible, cost-effective gateway to real-time MIS data, accessible from wherever you are. Discover the app you can trust.
  • http://www.groupcall.com/product/xporter/ Groupcall xporter | MIS Data Exporter - Groupcall Xporter makes it easy to extract information from multiple MIS systems and transfer it securely and in a uniformed format. Download our brochure.
  • http://www.groupcall.com/product/alert/ Groupcall Alert | Instant Alert System - Groupcall Alert is an instant messaging system you can rely on when you need it most. Send bulk SMS & email messages for reminders & emergencies instantly.
  • http://www.groupcall.com/product/emerge/works-in-both-offline-and-online-modes Groupcall Emerge | Offline & Online MIS - Groupcall Emerge works both online & offline. Emerge syncs with your MIS data which can then be used on school trips or as a backup to your existing system.
  • http://www.groupcall.com/product/emerge/it-works-with-your-mis Groupcall Emerge | Complete MIS Integration - Groupcall Emerge is currently available for SIMS and Facility CMIS. Seamlessly sync data for use on the go. Request a free trial today.
  • http://www.groupcall.com/product/emerge/take-attendance-anywhere Groupcall Emerge | Attendance - Take attendance anywhere with Emerge. Emerge can be used in school, on the playing field and on school trips too. Request a free trial.

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  • vladimir ozeryan - BUYER BEWARE

    If you buy this you will be so so sorry. My treadmill broke in 4 months and had to be replaces twice. Eventually I got the F80 and it has been great. Also, do not buy anything from Sears and I would not recommend installing yourself as it is very heavy. Stay away!!!!!

  • Softcover C - Truly Worth It

    This was way better than the first half of the story. I was pleasantly surprised that it was released so soon. Great job Mrs. Welch

  • Tony - Leak sealed on Cherokee XJ

    I had a leak in my O-ring between my power steering reservoir and the actual pump on my 01 Cherokee Sport. It was leaking pretty badly, and I was having to fill up the fluid almost once a week if not more often. I figured that this stop leak was worth a shot instead of buying a new reservoir or pulling everything out and fixing the leak. I was very surprised to see that after a day of average driving there were no more leaks. So far so good, I have driven about two weeks and 300 some miles and there is no leakage from my Jeep. I am only giving this 4 stars for the time being because I haven't stopped the leak for more than a few weeks, if the reservoir continues to stay dry I will update with another star. A word of warning though, this will not fix leaks in pressure or return hoses, I tried a little of this to try to fix a leak on my high pressure power steering line and it didn't do a thing. For fixing small leaks or drips in the power steering pump/mechanism or rack though this stuff is great.

  • Hector Flores - almost ok

    We preordered the printer and recieved it really fast no complaints. The printer works great and is awesome one the ink but the tray sucks!!!!!!. each time we have to reload it get stuck and its hard to put back in. It also doesnt pick up the paper all the time and gives false jams signals. its been a real headache.