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Han University, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine School, Tucson AZ - Han University of Traditional Medicine offers two master’s degree programs in acupuncture and oriental medicine. Find out more about these degrees now!

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  • G. Giftos - Hasn't done anything for me...

    I have not tested the cord yet to see if it has continuity, but I notice absolutely no difference when using the pad. In trying to give it the benefit of the doubt, I will admit that we live in a rural area so we spend most of our time walking on the earth. I would guess that this would give me an advantage over someone who lives in the city, but I really can't see any difference.

  • Babs - Take a trip into a dog's sense of smell

    Highly engaging voyage into the nostrils of a dog. What?! Yes, that's right. Ms. Horowitz takes us through the experience of a dog's sense of smell and the amazing journey those smell particles take to educate the dog on their surroundings, be it danger or favorite food. In a science-based, but reader friendly format, we learn about the intricacies of smell in the dog's world and how differently they use this sense from their humans. The book puts forth the scientific studies being done in this area and their connection with aeronautics and other seemingly unconnected areas of research. Very enjoyable and educational! I will never look at my dog's nose the same way again.

  • JON STARKEY - I discovered that it provides me a sweet comfort while I am playing

    Even at the beginning I thought that the lighting system is not necessary, especially when we’re talking about a gaming keyboard, I discovered that it provides me a sweet comfort while I am playing. Beside colors and four captivating light modes, it has a great resistance and my fingers are happy with the sensation provided by the responses to commands

  • M. Stitt - Useless

    I don't know. So far it is useless for any resistance. The thighs do not spread enough, unless you are doing splits. I may hook it up to something else if I don't through it out.

  • Byron K. Powell - Mmmmmmmmmm, Good

    I've always loved these little cherries. Haribo has just the right flavor and texture. Buy in bulk - save a lot!