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  • Sandra B. G. - amazing stuff, works on mouth sores

    My mom has been using Biotene for several years. I think she just recently started to purchase this PBF formula within the last 6 months. She has dry mouth, I don't think I do. I started to get this horrible sore on the roof of my mouth about 7 days ago. It go much worse with pain. My mom told me 3 days ago to start using her Biotene PBF mouthwash upstairs. She said it has helped her to heal mouth sores. I used it Wednesday night after brushing with my normal toothpaste.

  • Lori Smith - Excellent headset for the money

    I initially gave this headset only one star because the software was incompatible with Windows 10 and came away frustrated looking for an update. If you have the same issue, check the question/answer section on this page that the seller provided for a direct link for the Windows 10 update. It works, the headset all around quality is fantastic, especially for the price, so my rating of this deal jumped up to a five.

  • David de Hoyos - The 25 g bottle is not completely full and does ...

    The 25 g bottle is not completely full and does not last the 75 days as Cabooki claims...I have a small thinning on the back of my head and the bottle will last about two weeks.. very unhappy..

  • aar4 - A good nontechnical overall guide to SS and Medicare

    Overall, this is a comprehensive and understandable guide to the way SS works, for the general reader. For someone approaching their 60's, questions such as whether to start payments early or late, or how to figure a spouse's benefit are covered in detailed, non-technical language. There are some curious oversights: for example, nowhere in the book could I find a statement of the maximum age at which you must start drawing SS (it's age 70), or an explanation that an employee cannot be shifted to Medicare at age 65 if he or she continues to work for an employer offering a health plan to all employees. Still, this answered most of my questions and I was glad to have found it.