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Hudson River Foundation - The mission of the Hudson River Foundation (HRF) is to make science integral to decision-making with regard to the Hudson River and its watershed and to support competent stewardship of this extraordinary resource. This purpose is pursued through support of scientific research; communication to expand knowledge about the river among the scientific community, policy makers, and the public at large; initiatives to enhance management of the Hudson ecosystem; and education about the River and physical improvements to the riverfront.

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  • Avid Shopper - Tastes like homemade!

    These mashed potatoes are incredible. Quick, easy and taste like homemade. The only issue is the cost. This same box was about half the price at Costco, however it's apparently a seasonal item for Costco and they won't be carrying them again until Fall. Other than the price, the service from Amazon was great.

  • Joyful Heart - So Worth It

    These vids which are perfectly paced and organized are like a reference library of quick vids at your fingertips for accomplishing Excel tasks at 3 different skill levels. Great for a refresher or learning more advanced functions. I'm glad I made the investment to have these instructions at hand.

  • Dr. Digdug - The benchmark.

    First Aid for the USMLE Step 1 books have been the core component of many medical student's study kit for the first board exam. The 2009 edition is no different. There are some updates, some changes from the 2007 version (the oldest one I have), but the clear layout and the characteristic style of the First Aid books have been untouched. Concepts are presented in nibbles of paragraph-sized information--easy to study and absorb.

  • hihacker - Great distance w/ adequate spin

    Hitting drives as far as any I've previously used. Getting urethane spin around the greens...don't know what else I need. This a great ball for the price.

  • April Blackstone - I LOVE this stuff

    I LOVE this stuff! My eyebrows became very thin due to illness and medications. Once I got better I started using this and even though my eyebrows aren't what they used to be this stuff has made a huge difference. Is wonderful and I absolutely love it. If it can help my eyebrows then it can certainly help yours! Highly recommended!

  • Ralph W. Whitfield Jr. - Great addition to the daily emails!

    Dan Lewis does a great job of collating and extending many of his greatest articles. They all flow easily from one to the other to make a coherent whole book.