www.lanuevevenado.com.ar Review:

LA 9 FM 104.5 Mhz :: Venado Tuerto / Santa Fe / Argentina - RADIO 9 es una radio de música variada, para todos los estilos y gustos, amigable, cercana, simple y feliz.

Country:, South America, AR

City: -60.6784 Santa Fe Province, Argentina

  • spemeyer - Satisfied

    I'm glad it works with Windows 7. I wish it had the original games on it, though. It's got mostly new Slots, but none of the ones my son could play. Bonus: you can switch users without having to quit the game and start over.

  • W D Montgomery - This was a disappointment. I dont mind moving outside Absaroka County

    I have never before read a Longmire mystery that I would not give 5+ stars. This was a disappointment. I dont mind moving outside Absaroka County, but this lacked more than the familiar setting and characters. Bad guys were almost caricatures, Henry was flat, and there were loose ends left everywhere. Worst of all, the clay shooting competition was ridiculous. I shoot all the clat target disciplines,

  • Mark Hammond - Awesome!

    So I bought some of this stuff, and my pet tarantula got a hold of it.... Little bastard bit me, and ever since I've become less interested in photography and more interested in shooting webs from my wrists and swinging around New York City. I also have some kind of weird sixth sense that's been driving me nuts ever since.