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Lumigrate | Lighting the Path to Health and Well-Being - Lumigrate provides innovative medical education seminars. Seminars are conducted by medical experts in fibromyalgia, heart disease, hypothyroidism, anti-aging, chronic illness, and more.

  • http://www.lumigrate.com/page/our-medical-experts Lumigrate | biographies - Our Medical Experts - This page provides a review of the medical experts which are featured in our online video seminars.  They were recorded in the fall of 2008, and were part of Lumigrate when it went live on the Internet in March of 2009. However, the integrative
  • http://www.lumigrate.com/page/dictionary Lumigrate | dictionary - Dictionary - This page provides a review of common terms found in Lumigrate's video seminars.  If you don't see a word or term in this list that you feel should be added, please contact us and let us know.  Thank you.
  • http://www.lumigrate.com/page/seminars-development Lumigrate | 2011 - Seminars in Development - We have many exciting new seminars planned for development.  A few of the seminars are noted below.  If you have questions or would like to contact us about upcoming plans, please use our Contact form.
  • http://www.lumigrate.com/page/products Lumigrate | health - Products - Below are products which have been discussed in our online video seminars.  The related video page can be reached by clicking the seminar name in the title of each section.  Please note, Lumigrate does not endorse any of the products
  • http://www.lumigrate.com/page/about-us Lumigrate | collaborative care - About Us -         Above, Mardy fall of 2010 twisting to pose and be fit like a jigsaw puzzle into the landing page graphic her high school friend Greg Mann, Son of Mann Graphics now of Tulsa, Oklahoma created, with
  • http://www.lumigrate.com/page/lumigrates-collaborative-care-model Lumigrate | client - Lumigrate's Collaborative Care Model - Lumigrate Collaborate Care ModelLumigrate's content is intended to help YOU become the most empowered person in the key, central position in the center of your health care team.  
  • http://www.lumigrate.com/page/mardy-ross-otr-and-founding-executive-director-lumigrate Lumigrate | health education - Mardy Ross, OTR and Founding Executive Director, Lumigrate - Mardy Ross, Executive Director Mardy Ross, Executive DirectorMardy Ross created and founded Lumigrate in 2008, with Lumigrate.com launching onto the Internet on March 27, 2009. The 'cornerstone' of Lumigrate is the YOU! Model, created in 2007 with a
  • http://www.lumigrate.com/forums/lumigrate-feedback Lumigrate Feedback | Lumigrate - We're excited to hear your feedback on what you like about the Lumigrate site and what you think can be improved.
  • http://www.lumigrate.com/product/hypothyroidism-misunderstood-misdiagnosed-missed-dr-scott-rollins Hypothyroidism: Misunderstood, Misdiagnosed, Missed! by Dr. Scott Rollins - adrenal gland | Seminar Videos at Lumigrate - Mardy's Thoughts:  Hypothyroidism has recently become a very popular topic. Oprah Winfrey discussed the frustrations of her diagnosis on her first show of 2009. By doing so, she brought attention to this under-diagnosed chronic health condition,
  • http://www.lumigrate.com/product/chronic-illness-full-barrel-syndrome-dr-christopher-lepisto Chronic Illness: Full Barrel Syndrome by Dr. Christopher Lepisto - chemical sensitivity | Seminar Videos at Lumigrate - Mardy's Thoughts:  I feel this video explains so much about many illnesses and chronic health conditions such as headache, sinusitis (sinus congestion), dermatology problems such as rash and eczema, chemical sensitivity, allergies, and
  • http://www.lumigrate.com/product/health-management-dr-chris-young Health Management by Dr. Chris Young - chronic illness | Seminar Videos at Lumigrate - Mardy's Thoughts:  We feel strongly that the subject matter of this seminar is extremely important for everyone to see, therefore we have decided to make it available for download at no cost.
  • http://www.lumigrate.com/product/strategies-lasting-change-dr-paula-king Strategies for Lasting Change by Dr. Paula King - change | Seminar Videos at Lumigrate - Mardy's Thoughts:  For people in good health or people with acute diseases or chronic illness, making change can be difficult. This interactive seminar, by Dr. Paula King, takes you through an exercise using handwriting to explain why we have
  • http://www.lumigrate.com/product/supplements-and-disease-prevention-dr-scott-rollins Supplements and Disease Prevention by Dr. Scott Rollins - Alzheimer's | Seminar Videos at Lumigrate - Mardy's Thoughts:  I remember the day when there were a handful of supplements on the market -- you took one a day and it provided the recommended daily allowance (RDA), and we marveled at better living through chemistry and we didn't think much
  • http://www.lumigrate.com/forum/autism-and-healing-symptoms-autism-leader-kerri-rivera-and-other-activists-stories-and-informa Environmental Wellness vs. Environmental Illness - Autism and Healing the Symptoms of Autism; Leader Kerri Rivera and Other Activists' Stories and Information Provided | Forums at Lumigrate - I was inspired to finally create this topic today by what I saw on Facebook occurred this past week with the Autism One conference in the United States, which is put on yearly.  I'm Facebook friends with Robin Goffe, who lives about four hours
  • http://www.lumigrate.com/forum/friends-overlapping-conditions-lumped-autism-spectrum-disorder-who-dr-john-catanzaro-his-educa Social Media. Websites. Political Information. Etc. - Friends (With Overlapping Conditions Lumped as "Autism Spectrum Disorder") Who Like Dr. John Catanzaro (& His Education on FB) | Forums at Lumigrate - I was one of the first people Dr. John Cantanzaro added to his new group, which appears to have been created on May 3, 2016.  As of my creating this topic on Memorial Day 2016, the end of May, there are 2,849 other people, or profiles I should

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  • Brian Scalise - 1 PC / 1 User.....Kiss My A**

    I have 4 computers in my house. Only 1 will get this software. Get the he## out here. Who was the genius who thought of that? I will use my Office 2010 till 2110.

  • Meredith Thomas - Great for what it is

    If you cannot have "real" cheese but want to have something like pizza or nachos that just aren't the same without melted cheese this is your best bet. That being said - no, it doesn't taste just like "real" cheese. The flavor is ok. The texture is ok. It is definitely the best non dairy cheese I have had and it melts instead of turning into a dried out film like some other non dairy cheeses. I cannot have gluten, dairy or soy and I will continue to buy it for myself but my dairy eating family members would never think it is an acceptable alternative to cheese.